Do You Have Signs Of Successful Foreign Travel In Palmistry??

successful foreign travel in palmistry
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Fish sign on the hands has the potential to nullify the negative signs present on the mounts or lines in general.

As opposed to the different forms of palmistry,Western palmistry does not give much importance to the fish sign.

Real fish sign in palmistry

In my own experience,I have found this sign to be extremely lucky and beneficial in terms of prosperity, money and growth provided it is well marked without any defects.

Let’s first understand how to distinguish between a real fish sign and the sign which most of the people mistakenly assume as the fish sign.

Difference between Fish Sign and Island

difference between island and fish sign in palmistry

Whenever two lines cross each other at two different points(right side),a fish like sign gets formed.In reality,it is the void created by these lines and will give more or less the same negative effect as that of an island.

However,if the two lines cross each other and merge at a common point as shown(left side) is considered as a fish sign.

Such kind of formation will bestow the person with an unexpected amount of wealth or success at some point in one’s life.

Let’s look at the actual fish sign formed on the mount of Moon.

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Successful Foreign Travel Sign

foreign travel signs in palmistry

You can clearly see the tail and the body of the fish formed without any defects.

It represents successful foreign travels where the person will get a lot of money and fame during those travels.

There are high chances of such person settling abroad or far away from one’s native country.It also makes the person highly intuitive in nature.

Fish Sign on Moon Mount Facing Mercury

fish sign on moon mount facing mercury mount

If the fish sign gets formed on the mount of moon and faces towards the mercury mount denotes the person has the potential to earn money from occult science like astrology,palmistry or any other mystic field.

It is also found in the hands of good doctors and writers.

Fish Sign on Moon Mount Facing Jupiter

Fish sign on mount of Moon facing Jupiter

If the fish sign gets formed on the moon mount and points towards the mount of Jupiter suggests that the person is very spiritual and has the capacity to earn good fortune in food related industry.

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