Do You Have Rich And Powerful Signs In Your Hands?-Palmistry

rich signs in palmistry

There are certain powerful and rich signs on the hands that confirms the person is definitely going to get highly successful,wealthy and famous in one’s life.

1)Branch from Mercury line to the Jupiter

Branch from mercury line/Business line to the mount of Jupiter

If the Mercury line also known as business line is deep and clear without any defects;from this line a branch goes to the mount of Jupiter represents the person is going to be very successful and rich in one’s business or career.

Deep Mercury line bestows the person with business acumen and shrewdness;Jupiter gives the ability to control and manage people as it pumps ambition and strong leadership qualities.Both these factors will help the person to create a strong business empire.

If a star also appears on the Jupiter mount along with this combination the person will be destined to get help from the powerful and rich people in one’s life.

2)Lines of Reputation/Sister Lines

Lines of reputation/sister lines palmistry

Sun Line starting from the base and reaching to the mount of Sun itself is a very powerful sign of a highly successful and rich life.

If two lines are running parallel to the main sun line as shown is a guaranteed sign of super success. Traditional palmists used to call these sister lines as the “lines of reputation“.

3)Big Trident on the Fate line

Big trident on fate line palmistry

If one branch from the fate line goes to the Jupiter mount and other one goes to the mount of Sun as shown is considered as the most beneficial combination in the palmistry.

The person is gifted with wisdom from the Saturn mount,wealth and fame from the Sun mount and strong ambitions derived from the Jupiter mount.

No one can stop such person from getting highly successful and wealthy in one’s life.

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4)Mercury line ends in a trident

Mercury line ends in a trident

If a clear,deep mercury line ends in a trident on the mount of mercury is an excellent sign of brilliant intellect.

The person is so sharp that he becomes the master in one’s business or career.Mercurians are born intelligent and smart people and trident on the mount of mercury amplifies the positive traits associated with the mount.

5)Sun line ends in a Star

Sun line ending in a star

If a sun line ends in a star represents the person will enjoy one’s entire life as a celebrity because the star electrifies the entire line.

Depending upon which profession or business the person decided to choose,the fame and wealth will come through that route.

Do you have any of these rich and powerful signs in your hands?

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