Rich Signs In Palmistry And The Most Powerful Sign On Your Hands?

rich signs in palmistry

Every human being on this planet has got unique set of hands and lines on their palms which provide deep insights into the potential success and hidden untapped talents of an individual. 

There are some powerful and rich signs on palm that indicate the person is going to be very successful, rich, and famous in one’s life.

Branch from Mercury line to Jupiter mount

Branch from mercury line/Business line to the mount of Jupiter

A branch from the mercury line to the mount of Jupiter denotes the person is fated to create a strong business empire and thus becomes very prosperous in his or her entrepreneurial journey.

Seldom I have found such people working under anyone and likes to be their own boss.

Deep and clear mercury line to the mercury mount showers business acumen, excellent health, and a keen interest in finance and numbers. Mount of Jupiter infuses strong ambitions and leadership abilities, a natural flare to manage people, and always looking for ways to broaden one’s horizon. It is favorable conjunction to obtain huge wealth beyond his expectations or dreams.

Moreover, if a star sign on Jupiter mount gets spotted along with this combination. Rest assured, he will receive constant help from very powerful and elite people with a solid network.

Lines of Reputation in Palmistry

lines of reputation in palmistry

If the sun line starts from the bottom of the palm and flawlessly enters the territory of the Sun mount in itself is an extraordinary marking for brilliant success.

However, when two parallel lines on Sun mount get noticed on either side of the Sunline as shown adds strength to the main sun line. Hardly surprisingly, they are known as sister lines in palmistry. It is akin to two bodyguards protecting a famous person. Please note that the parallel lines on the Apollo mount should be well-marked and straight.

It certainly denotes supreme success in his or her chosen career path. Moreover, it enhances creativity, desired name in society, and other favorable outcomes.

Hence in traditional palmistry, these lines were also called lines of reputation in palmistry.

Big Trident on palm

Big trident on fate line palmistry

When one of the branches from the middle of the fate line goes to the Jupiter mount and the other one ends up on the Sun mount a trident in the middle of the fate line is formed.

It is a favorable combination to reckon with in palmistry.

The person is gifted with wisdom from the Saturn mount, sustainable wealth, excellent public image and rise in stature from the Sun mount, and a strong appetite for success derived from the Jupiter mount.

No one can stop such a person from getting very popular and wealthy in one’s life.

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The Mercury line ends in a trident

Mercury line ends in a trident

If a deep and clear mercury line ends in a trident-like formation is a sign of genius and exceptional mental intelligence. The bearer possesses such a strong grasping power that he or she will excel in any endeavor one pursues.

Mercurians are very smart, cunning, and clever people. Trident on mercury line makes a person street smart and accentuates the business skills, money-making abilities, and positive energy to do something big in one’s life.

Such a person is bound to get wealthy and achieve mastery in the career using his gifted intellect.

Sunline ending in a star

Sun line ending in a star

Sunline ending in a star charges and illuminates the entire Sunline. It acts as a close circuit where current flows properly and brightens the bulb and surrounding area. Without a doubt, it accelerates international fame, name, and extreme riches due to creative output.

People will flock around him to get a glimpse of his magnetic and attractive persona. He or she is bound to create big money effortlessly, as luck is always on the side.

It is considered the most powerful sign in palmistry.

Triangle on the headline

Triangle on the headline

This is the hand of a multi-millionaire who has a massive fan following on social media and keeps on minting money by having his finger in every pie in the entertainment genre.

A triangle on the headline increases mental intelligence and represents a brilliant mind. It shields a person from anxiety, loss of concentration, and depression wherever it is found and strengthens the mind line.

Stupendous wealth will be earned and retained at that particular age.

Star on Rahu mount

star on Rahu mount

Mount of Rahu is such a powerful planet that if it is well placed on the hands, it can lift a person from abject poverty and desperation to a multi-millionaire status or put him on the journey of riches to rags, disestablish individual credibility, makes him powerless, and puts him in a prison in a blink of an eye.

The star on Rahu Mount can get tricky.

On a prominent mount, the Star sign on Rahu mount certainly suggests unexpected big money retained in a short period of time where people slog their entire lives and can’t even get close to it.

Such will be the magnitude of wealth earned that even his own relatives or family members will be stumped or feel jealous.

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