The Head Line Tells A Lot About Your Personality-Palmistry

Head line in the palmistry

Head line represents the  intellectual capacity,decision-making power, ability to  concentrate on your career or goal,capacity to remember the things and how well a person can use his or her imagination for doing productive things in life.

1)Trident on the head line

trident on the head line palmistry

If the head line ends in a trident like formation where one branch goes to the mount of moon and the other one goes to the mount of mercury indicates that the bearer’s career will be very successful.

It indicates that the bearer uses business or communication skills from the mercury mount, practicality from the straight head line and imagination from the mount of moon making him or her a very balanced person.

2)Chained Head Line

Chained head line at the beginning palmistry

If the head line is chained in the beginning under the Jupiter mount as shown indicates that the childhood or the initial phase of the bearer was quite a struggle.This might be due to difficulty in concentrating,bullying by others, small frustrations,confusion,mental breakdowns,headaches or diseases.

However,if the head line runs deep and clear without any defects after the chain defect indicates that the bearer overcame those troubles quite easily to move ahead in one’s life.

3)Broken Head line

Broken Head line/Breaks in the head line

If the breaks appear on the head line as shown indicates sudden decrease in one’s ability to concentrate on the things or career.This happens due to the drastic change in the circumstances or lifestyle of the person which made him or her to change the thinking process.

It also indicates some sort of illness which has to be cross-checked with the health line.

It is not considered as a good sign.

4)Square on the head line

Square on the head line/Sister line on the head line

    If the square appears between the broken head line as shown represents the bearer will be protected from getting into excessive stress or mental pressure.

Similarly,if the sister line appears above or below the broken head line indicates that the bearer will somehow gets protected from the loss of memory or illness related to the brain.

5)Head line going down

head line going to the mount of moon

If the head line takes a curve and goes all the way to the mount of Moon as shown indicates that the bearer has got very good creativity and imagination.

Such kind of head line is often found in the hands of writers, painters or the person who is involved in the artistic world.

Remember guys,the line should be deep and clear without any defects which otherwise leads to insane mind who lives in the world of fantasy.That is the reason why such kind of headline is cross-checked with the mount of Saturn.

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6)Bars cutting the head line

bars cuts the head line

If small bars cuts the head line as shown indicates frustrations during that particular age will cause mental tension or headaches in the bearer’s life.

Deep thick bars cutting across the head line increases the intensity of the mental trouble faced by the bearer.

If the small thin bars cuts across the entire head line indicates the nervous nature of the bearer.

7)Head line from mount of Jupiter

Head line from mount of Jupiter

If the head line starts from the mount of Jupiter as shown is a clear cut indication that the bearer is very ambitious,intelligent and a born leader.

The person having such kind of head line has got that extra drive to achieve one’s goal.

8)Chained Head line under the mounts

Head line chained under the mount of Saturn and the mount of Sun

If the head line is chained under the mount of Saturn as indicated by position 1 suggests that the person will go through a serious depression and mental trauma during that particular age.

Similarly,if the head line is chained under the mount of Apollo as indicated by position 2  suggests that the person will face troubles related to eye/weakness in the eyesight.

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