Cross On The Jupiter Mount And Other Special Signs On The Jupiter Mount-Palmistry

Cross on the Jupiter mount and other special signs on the Jupiter mount
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    Mount of Jupiter is found under the index finger.It stands for ambition,pride, leadership,social status, religion and love for the nature.There are some positive and negative signs found on the Jupiter mount which either helps the person to achieve good position in one’s career or creates obstruction in pursuing one’s ambitions or goals.

1)Cross on the Jupiter mount

Cross on the Jupiter mount palmistry

Cross on the Jupiter Mount generally indicates happy and successful marriage.The bearer will get understandable,loving and caring life partner.

Big cross indicates big ambitions as well as dominating nature.

Cross formed with a line from the lifeline reaching the Jupiter mount cut by another line indicates that the ambitions of the person will remain unfulfilled.

2)Star on the mount of Jupiter

Star on the mount of Jupiter

Star on the mount of Jupiter indicates the person will be highly successful in one’s career.There will be sudden success in the person’s life.

The person will gain big position in his or her life.They will have good connection with the rich people in the latter part of their life. However,they lack patience and are extremely ambitious.

If star is found along with the cross on the Mount of Jupiter is considered as a brilliant union for status and marriage.

3)Ring of Solomon

Ring of Solomon palmistry

Well marked Ring of Solomon although very rare if found on the Mount of Jupiter indicates the bearer will have a deep understanding to read other people’s mind.

Palmists,lawyers,psychologists magicians, astrologers etc have this kind of formation.

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4)Square on the mount of Jupiter

Square on the mount of Jupiter

If square is found on the Jupiter Mount it acts as a protection from social disgrace or failure.

Also known as teachers square,the bearer will be very good in imparting knowledge to others.

They remain humble and grounded even after achieving great success.

5)Single Vertical Line on Jupter mount

Single vertical line on the mount of Jupiter

Single vertical line indicates success

The line should not be cut by other  lines which otherwise indicates obstructions in achieving the success

6)Two vertical lines on Jupiter mount

two vertical lines on mount of Jupiter

If two vertical lines are found on the Mount of Jupiter indicates too many ambitions will make the bearer struggle to achieve his or her ambitions.

7)Mole/Black spot on the mount of Jupiter

Black spot/mole on the mount of Jupiter

Black Spot/mole on the mount of Jupiter will result in the loss of reputation and money.

It is considered as a bad sign.

8)Triangle on the mount of Jupiter

Triangle on the mount of Jupiter

If a triangle is found on the mount of Jupiter indicates the bearer will be diplomatic and clever.

Generally such marking is found on the hands of good politicians.They achieve great success in the public life.

9)Circle on the mount of Jupiter

Circle on the mount of Jupiter

Although a very rare marking,if a circle is found on the Mount of Jupiter suggest that the person will be successful by his or her consistent efforts.

10)Grille on the mount of Jupiter

Grille on the mount of Venus

Grille formed from the intersection of the confused lines on the mount of Jupiter indicates the bearer will be superstitious,self-conceit and will not have any sexual restrains.

They also lacks moral values and resorts to bullying others.

11)Fish sign on the mount of Jupiter

fish sign on the mount of Jupiter

If a fish symbol is found on the Mount of Jupiter the bearer will get fame through knowledge and wisdom.

It is considered a very auspicious sign for money and prosperity.

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12)Island on the mount of Jupiter

Island on the mount of Jupiter

If a Island is found on the mount of Jupiter the bearer’s ambitions will get ruined by his closed friends or relatives.

Don’t get confused with the sign of fish.

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  1. Please see a close up of fish sign on my right hand which is dominant hand.
    Secondly it is on mount Jupiter just below index finger.
    So, please advice if this is good symbol and will it bring me wealth through learning and wisdom

  2. Thanks for sharing this!
    Can you help me figure out ‘How to interpret the symbol of a multiheaded snake on the Jupiter Mount near by the symbol of Cross’?


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