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lucky signs on Jupiter mount

The Mount of Jupiter is located just below the index finger as shown.

Jupiter mount is associated with leadership, expansion of ambitions, religion, self-confidence, social status, prestige, diplomacy, love for food, and nature.

If the Jupiter mount is overdeveloped with negative signs on it and thick fingers indicate pride will take the form of an ego, an unnecessarily dominating nature creates big problems in a relationship, dismissive of other’s opinions, and excessive indulgence in food and alcohol.

Underdeveloped Jupiter mount denotes an inferiority complex, lack of drive and ambitions to succeed, and an overall negative approach in one’s life.

In general, a moderately developed Jupiter mount with positive signs on it is considered auspicious and favorable.

Cross on Jupiter mount

cross on Jupiter mount

Cross on the mount of Jupiter attracts true love and attention of the opposite sex.

It generally suggests happy marriage to a person who will support one’s partner through thick and thin given the fact that the heart line, Venus mount, and other aspects of the hands are in good condition.

A big cross on the mount of Jupiter denotes big ambitions as well as dominating nature of the person.

Also, a cross on the mount of Jupiter indicates a person will be blessed with a caring, understanding, and loving spouse with a big and genuine heart.

Point to note: Don’t make a cross with the help of an ambition line traveling from the lifeline and another horizontal line cutting this line. It is not considered a clear cross on the Jupiter mount.

Instead, it denotes several hindrances to the realization of one’s goals.

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Star on mount of Jupiter

Star on mount of Jupiter

The star on Jupiter mount is a powerful marking that will help an individual to attain the highest position and honor in one’s field, and sudden success is evident.

Such a person is bound to come across rich and elite people who will help him reach the ladder of success.

Moreover, the star sign on Jupiter mount accentuates leadership qualities, and I have always found that he or she wants to be the best version of themselves, is extremely ambitious, and lacks patience.

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Ring of Solomon

Ring of Solomon palmistry

A well-marked ring found between the first and second finger that encircles the other end of the finger represents the natural ability to see through other people’s minds and emotions.

It is known as the ring of Solomon, as it heightens the intuition and decision-making abilities, provided there is a presence of flawless headline and thumb.

More than often I have seen this ring on celebrated psychologists, palmists, businessmen, magicians, and lawyers.

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Square on mount of Jupiter

Square on the mount of Jupiter

Square on Jupiter mount indicates achievement in administration, excellent ability to teach others, and effortlessly impart knowledge in simple language.

It is often known as a teacher’s square in palmistry. They remain humble and grounded even after achieving great success in one’s life.

In addition, it time to time protects a person from evil forces, scandals and creates circumstances in such a way that a person is back on a good path even after confronting lots of troubles.

Vertical Line on Jupiter mount

vertical line on Jupiter mount

A vertical line on mount of Jupiter if not cut by any other horizontal lines certainly depicts an extraordinary increase in the money flow and prosperity in one’s career.

Two vertical lines on mount of Jupiter

two vertical lines on mount of Jupiter

Two vertical lines on the mount of Jupiter usually represent accomplishment and uncontrolled desires to achieve a big position, materialistic success, and many goals in one’s life.

However, other aspects of the hands need to be studied to make any concrete interpretation.

Black Mole on the mount of Jupiter

Black spot/mole on the mount of Jupiter

A black spot or mole on the mount of Jupiter will result in the loss of reputation and money.

It is considered a bad sign.

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Triangle on mount of Jupiter

Triangle on the mount of Jupiter

A triangle on the mount of Jupiter represents cleverness, political intelligence, and incredible success in higher education.

I have seen this sign on the hands of management gurus, big politicians, and religious leaders with fan following to reckon with.

Circle on mount of Jupiter

Circle on mount of Jupiter

The circle on Jupiter mount indicates rare knowledge, political wisdom, and accomplishment in the out-of-the-ordinary field.

To be fair, I came across this sign 4 or 5 times in my life and consider it a rare of rare sign.

Fish on mount of Jupiter

fish sign on the mount of Jupiter

Fish on Jupiter mount without a doubt will bring prosperity, money, and all sorts of joy in his or her life.

It intensifies the desires, and ambitions are materialized with the help of immense knowledge, spiritual energy, managerial skills, and wisdom.

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Island on the mount of Jupiter

Island on the mount of Jupiter

An island on the mount of Jupiter indicates the person’s ambitions will get ruined by his or her close friends or relatives.

Don’t get confused with the sign of fish.

Flag sign on Jupiter mount

flag sign on Jupiter mount

The flag symbol on Jupiter mount is a gifted sign of spirituality and the natural ability to solve the problems of people.

I have often seen this incredible symbol on the hands of an individual who met a great teacher at the right time in his or her life who shared secret knowledge and wisdom.

Many vertical lines on Jupiter mount

many vertical lines on Jupiter mount

It is always said that too much of anything is bad.

Likewise, many lines on Jupiter mount certainly denote a lack of consistency in any field, constant failures despite working hard, and dissatisfaction.

Too much diversification of anything without proper resources is always considered negative.

Temple sign on Jupiter mount

temple sign on Jupiter mount

Not a big fan of this sign.

The Temple sign on mount of Jupiter typically represents a strong connection with the supreme being and pious nature.

Many modern readers completely ignore this sign and consider it a combination of a rectangle and a triangle.

Star and cross on mount of Jupiter

star and cross on mount of Jupiter

The combination of star and cross on mount of Jupiter unquestionably suggests brilliant union, marital bliss, and ensures unprecedented success in all walks of life.

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