Break Up/Divorce Signs In A Relationship Or Marriage In Your Hands?

break up or divorce signs in a relationship or marriage in palmistry

There are certain indications on your hand which suggests that the person is going to be separated from his or her partner or the break up has already been taken place.

Let’s see the top 5 signs on the hands which can lead to the divorce or separation from your partner.

1)Fork on the marriage line

Fork on the marriage line

Fork at the end of the marriage line indicates huge difference of opinions which can lead to separation for a period of time or even break up.

Consider the fate line going towards the mount of Saturn.

If the line from the plain of mars cuts the fate line,the headline,the heart line and ends up on the mercury mount,cutting the forked marriage line is a clear indication of break up or divorce.

2)Fork on the mount of Saturn

Fork on the mount of Saturn

If the line starts from the mount of Venus and ends in a fork like formation on the mount of Saturn indicates separation from the partner due to continuous interference from the relatives.

If the same line starts from a star formation on the mount of Venus represents unfortunate marriage where there are high chances of the partner going insane.

3)Black Mole on the thumb

Black mole on the thumb palmistry

If the line goes all the way from the mount of Mercury to the Jupiter mount slightly drooping towards the mount of lower mars,and the black mole also gets spotted on the second section of the thumb as shown is a clear indication of break up.

Such person always find himself unlucky when it comes to marriage or getting into a relationship because it does not get sustained for a long period of time.

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4)Line from thumb to little finger

Influence lines cutting the fate line,head line and the heart line

If an island gets formed on the marriage line,and the lines from the mount of Mars also known as influence lines cuts the fate line,the headline,the heart line,and goes in the direction of the  mount of mercury indicates separation or break up.

Such person should be careful of backstabbing from the enemies,or even one’s spouse.

5)Line from mount of Moon/Venus

Line from mount of moon cutting the fate line/line from mount of Venus cutting the fate line

Cross on the Jupiter mount is an indication of happy and successful marriage.

However,if the line from the mount of Venus cuts the fate line represents breakup caused due to the  interference from family members or relatives.Similarly,if the line from the mount of moon cuts the fate line represents that the influence came into the person’s life but could not materialize into a strong relationship.


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