The Thumb Tells A Lot About Your Personality In Palmistry

thumb and your personality

What does your thumb say about you? A lot.

To see whether you have got stiff, flexible or super flexible thumb apply pressure to the first joint of your thumb as shown.

The flexibility of the thumb

flexibility of the thumb

Don’t apply unnecessary pressure to bend your thumb backwards.

Let’s see the different personalities emerging from the degree of variance in the thumb.

Stiff Thumb

stiff thumb palmistry

If the thumb does not bend backwards after applying pressure to the first joint of the thumb is known as a stiff thumb.

People with such kind of thumb are stubborn, and not easily adaptable in nature.

They can be argumentative, inflexible in accepting new ideas and very cautious in nature where they weigh the pros and cons of any situation before making a final decision.

People with stiff thumb joint are very stingy when it comes to money and believes in saving a lot.

In addition, due to their uncompromising nature and strong opinions, they make few friends in their life but once made they will go to any lengths to protect their friendship.

People with stiff thumbs can be super successful in their life as they have got strong willpower and focus to achieve their goals, provided the headline is clear and distinct without any defects.

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Flexible Thumb

flexible thumb palmistry

If the thumb slightly bends backwards either naturally, or by applying pressure is known as a flexible thumb in palmistry

People with flexible thumb joint are socially active, and adaptable who does not hold any firm opinions and are always open to new thoughts and ideas.

Such kind of person can easily overcome problems because of one’s flexibility to easily adapt to changing circumstances.

People with flexible thumbs are broad-minded, emotional, dislike conventional rules and regulations, sympathetic to others’ emotions and feelings.

They are generous in nature and are willing to help the person either by providing emotional or financial support, not to the extent of hurting themselves.

In addition, they always try to avoid conflicts and do not like to plan in advance.

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Hitchhiker’s thumb

super flexible thumb

If the thumb bends more than 90 degrees as shown is a super flexible thumb also known as hitchhiker’s thumb also known as super flexible thumb in palmistry

People with such kind of thumb are bighearted and take generosity to the next level.

He or she can’t say no to the opposite person, and that is the reason why people often take advantage of such a person.

They waste a lot of their time, money and energy to avoid disappointing people. In this process, they often lose track of what they want to achieve in one’s life.

No wonder, they are not good at saving money in spite of being talented in their lives.

People with super flexible thumbs are very emotional; one day they will feel very happy, and another day they will feel completely dejected.

In a nutshell, they are moody and impulsive in nature.

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