Do You Have Addiction lines/Via Lascivia In Your Hands-Palmistry

addiction line in palmistry

Addiction line in palmistry also known as poison line or Via Lascivia starts somewhere from the bottom or inside of the life line and reaches to the mount of moon.

Addiction line palmistry

Addiction lines/Via Lascivia in palmistry

As the name implies, it represents addiction or heightened sensitivity to particular substance.

There are all sorts of addiction found in today’s society. It can be in the form of drugs, food, alcohol, sex, mobile, gambling or even coffee etc.

Normally to get away from extreme emotional distress, trauma and myriad reasons, people over indulge in aforementioned activities that ultimately results into an addiction.

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Michael Jackson Hand

Let’s take the classic example of Michael Jackson also known as “King of Pop” hand.

It is a known fact that he was a drug addict and died at the age of 50 due to overdose of propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication. He battled with insomnia for many years and got addicted to painkillers and sedatives. That’s why it is also known as poison line in palmistry.

Line of addiction (red color) is clearly seen running from the lifeline to the mount of Moon at the time of his death.

Along with the type of hand and other signs taken into account, it accentuates the craving for excitement.

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Allergy line palmistry

Not everyone who have this line on their hands are addicts.

In such case, it denotes the person is allergic to dust, meat, dairy products, perfume etc. because of the sensitive immune system.

Hence the name, allergy line in palmistry.

The Via Lascivia

Via Lascivia/Addiction line in palmistry

As mentioned earlier, addiction lines are also known as Via Lascivia. Lascivia stands for lust and the person constantly craves for physical pleasure and fantasizes a lot about it.

The Via Lascivia is found on the mount of moon and runs parallel to the mercury line as shown.

The question is: Do Via Lascivia line always provide bad results to the person?

Not really!! On a good hand with prominent mounts and good markings on it, Via Lascivia tends to give very positive results as it enables single minded focus and assists the person to push the boundaries.

It acts as a sister line to the mercury line and helps to improve the health, business or communication skills of the person. It also has the potential to make up for any defects on the line of mercury.

However, on a bad hand where hand is quite rough and the mounts are underdeveloped, full of bad signs suggests that the person is an addict and overindulges in physical pleasure.

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Line from Via Lascivia cutting the Sun line

Line from Via Lascivia cutting the Sun line

If the line from the Via Lascivia cuts the Sun line as shown indicates the person will lose his or her reputation in the society due to indulgence in some sensual activity.

Similarly, if the Via Lascivia line ends in a fork and the mount of Venus is overdeveloped, represents the person will waste energy and time in gratification of one’s sexual desires.

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