Most Lucky Drum Sign In Palmistry For Spiritual Health On Your Hands?

drum sign in palmistry

Drum sign on palm is considered as one of the most favorable and lucky signs for spiritual health, and overall prosperity of an individual.

It holds a special importance in the Hindu palmistry as it is associated with Lord Shiva who is considered as the supreme of universe.

Lord Shiva Damru

Lord Shiva Damru

In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is credited with creating the entire universe, and protecting it from evil spirits.

Damru is the instrument used by Shiva to generate spiritual sound and energy through which the whole universe has been created, and regulated.

That’s why drum is considered as a symbol of infinity where the cosmos keeps on expanding and collapsing again and again.

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Whole Universe Energy

Let’s see an actual formation of damru sign in palmistry on a person’s hand.

Drum Sign On Palm

drum sign in palmistry

You can clearly see a dual headed drum symbol formed on the mount of Jupiter. It is often found on the hands of very successful high ranked officials, famous palmists, astrologers and healers.

Drum sign on Jupiter mount spiritually awakens a person, and he or she spends a lot of one’s time in meditation and yoga. At the same time, drum sign bestows the bearer with lots of wealth and success in one’s career.

That is the reason why it is considered as one of the most lucky and auspicious signs in palmistry because it acts as a balance between money, and inner well being.

Another way of looking at this sign, it is made up of two triangles on top of each other. A triangle on the Jupiter mount itself is a very positive sign for diplomacy, cleverness and exceptional people skills, and it will heighten its effect with the presence of two triangles.

No wonder, it is found on the hands of spiritual masters, politicians or any person who feels some sort of connection with the divine force in the universe.

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Drum sign on sun mount

Drum sign on sun mount makes an individual charismatic, calm and composed mind, brilliant intuition, outstanding innovative and creative abilities.

Please note: Symbol formed out of random lines does not hold any significance. It should be distinct, clear in size, all the sides of triangles should be closed and lines of same density.

In addition, it should be read in conjunction with many other signs on the hands. A single sign alone seldom provides positive results in palmistry.

House Sign And Goat Sign

House sign in palmistry represents he or she will be lucky in finding hidden treasures, precious stones and jewelry.

Similarly, goat in palmistry denotes good luck and monetary success in gambling or lottery.

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