Problems In The Marriage-Signs In Your Hands?? Palmistry

problems in marriage palmistry

There are certain indications on the hand that gives clue to the person of potential troubles in the marriage or relationship.

These signs can appear at any given point of time,hence proper care should be taken by the person and make subsequent changes in the personality or lifestyle to avert the troubles faced in the relationships.

Let’s look at some of the negative signs that can be found on the person’s hand.

Marriage line going downwards

Marriage line going downwards

If multiple branches from the heart line are going downwards all the way towards the lower mount of mars and the marriage line is also bending downwards towards the heart line indicates  potential troubles in the relationship.

Such person always suffers from anger issues and this constant repressed inner aggression takes a toll on the marriage or relationships.

It is advised to consult a therapist in such case.

Line from Venus to mercury mount

If the line from the mount of Venus cuts the effort line,the headline and the heart line is a clear indication of troubles in the marriage.

In addition,if there is a break or an island on the marriage line accentuates the troubles faced by the person.

It is considered as a bad sign.

Black mole on the mount of moon

Black mole on the mount of Moon

This is the hand of a person who told me at the time of consultation that she broke off the engagement and was finding it difficult to convince her parents to marry a man she had a relationship with due to some religious differences and trust issues on the parent’s part.

If a black mole gets formed on the mount of moon along with the shallow head line with the branches from the defective heart line going downwards always indicates the person will face troubles in the marriage or relationship.

Such person should always keep some head strong individual in the loop while making decisions in the early phase as the person lacks emotional intelligence.

It also indicates sleeping disorders and negative approach towards life.

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Fork on Marriage line

influence line Venus Mount cutting the forked marriage line

If the line from the influence line cuts the effort line and goes all the way towards the mercury mount cutting the forked marriage line is a clear indication of troubles in the married life which can lead to even divorce.

Fork on the marriage creates difference of opinions. However,when cut by another line from the Venus mount increases the frustrations in the married life.

Lines from Venus mount to the Sun mount

Lines from Venus mount cutting the Sun line

If multiple bars cuts the heart line and lines from the influence line cuts the sun line at any point of time suggests problems in the married life and damage to the reputation of the person.

These are some of the signs which suggest potential troubles in the relationships.

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