Do You Have Letter X On Your Palm??

Letter X on your palm

 One of the most important topics in palmistry which most people seem to be over-obsessed with is the letter X on the palm and its meaning.

Letter X on Palm

Letter X on your palm

You will find dozens of articles on the web titled-Only 3% of people have the letter X on both hands. Here’s what it means about your destiny. All these articles are similarly worded sometimes without even changing a single word.

Ironically, most people seem to believe every single interpretation printed in these articles without diving deep into it.

STI University Mascow Palmistry

Letter X on your palm

It says there is some research paper submitted by STI University of Moscow,Russia which has taken a sample size of 2 million people and found a connection between the letter X found on the palm and the destiny of the person.

First of all, there is no such research paper available online. Hence there is no way you can study this “interesting” correlation.

In addition, a single sign never defines or changes the fortune of the person.

Letter X on both palms

Letter X on your palm-Leadership

It also claims that the person with the letter X on both palms are sharp individuals who will have a very successful career because of one’s leadership qualities and such person will be remembered even after his or her death.

Is it a Myth or Reality?

Letter X on your palm

Readers should always take this as a pinch of salt and move on because tomorrow letter W will stand for a witch as traditional palmists used to say, letter L will stand for luck, and so on.

Even the letter M or any other letter for that matter will only act as a enhancer and does not have any magical effect on the destiny of the person.

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Mounts on palm and success of the person

Mounts found on the hands and letter X on the hands

It totally depends on the hard work put in by the person in achieving one’s goals and the immediate circumstances surrounding him which will get reflected on the mounts found on the person’s hand and the various signs associated with it.

This will be the barometer for your success.

One thing I do have to agree as the presence of the mystic cross which is found in the Quadrangle just between the heart line and the headline as shown. It increases the intuitive and psychic abilities of the person.

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  1. I have letter X on both my palms.
    And its true that I have got some psychic power and several of my dreams come true. I can recognize a person by seeing his face if he is deceit and telling lie.
    I get intuition when something bad or good is going to happen in future.
    One more thing special about me I can tell is that if someone has done bad to me his life becomes too miserable in future.
    I have rose from a very ordinary position to a reasonably high position now without any single penny help.
    I have extreme interests in occult, paranormal things, meditation,tantra.
    I am very innovative and quickly find solutions to problems

  2. I have a cross in the middle of both palms. Both my palms line up and are almost identical. I have crosses all over them and many letter M’s tho I am ambidextrous I think this has a lot to do with them both being the same.

  3. i dont have a prominent x where listed but am a psychic,medium.but,it does apply that the x is a psychic cross suggesting good intuitive powers.but as the article suggests,it is not the total meaning.depending exactly where located,size and correlation with other lines.

  4. I’m just learning on who I am. I have the X us the cross. M shape,Triangle and some other lines. I know i am a empath, witch,just started realizing that I’m Pychick and my dreams are getting more real as the days go by. I had this since I was born, I can remember when I was under age of 2 and what I was able to do than. Please! Post more. Thanks 😊

  5. I just used the soft yellow therapy putty to press my palms and actually have 4 X’s in between the the head and heart lines all next to each other on BOTH HANDS. I am a lefty but use both hands esp for tools. I always wondered what the X’s meant.

  6. Hi good night everything you shared with having the X in the palm of your hands. I also do have an X in the palm of my right hand and most of what you said I can identify with . I will just like to know more and understand myself a whole lot better ..

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