Highly Fortunate Raja Yoga In Your Hands?-Palmistry

Raj Yoga in palmistry

Mounts on the hand are considered to be a powerful source for predicting the nature of a person, and their potential to earn good fortune with regard to career, health, social status, money, and relationships.

Millionaire Signs in your hand?

Millionaire Signs/Raj Yoga in palmistry

Hold your hand flat and horizontally as shown, you will find some mounts to be protruded and fleshy. This suggests that the person is making positive use of the qualities associated with those mounts.

If four or more mounts are well developed and protruded with positive markings on it is an indication of Raj Yoga in Hindu palmistry. Such a person lives a very luxurious life with all the materialistic comforts at his or her disposal.

Please note that there should not be any negative markings on other mounts.

There are various types of Raj Yoga. If all the mounts are protruded and well developed represent all seven planets working in conjunction with each other to provide the best results full of opportunities in the person’s life.

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Planets on Palm

Planets on palm/hand in palmistry

For example, Jupiter is pumping ambition and leadership qualities;

Saturn bestows the person with hardworking and serious nature;

Apollo makes the person famous and rich;

Mercury provides diplomacy and business skills which is very much required in today’s world;

Venus confers the person with luxury and a beautiful wife or husband; and

Moon and Mars confer the person with excellent imagination and the necessary aggression to move ahead in one’s life.

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Millionaire Signs/Raj Yoga in palmistry

All these factors channel the brain and heart in the right direction making him or her a millionaire.

You will find such combinations in famous and successful people all around the world.

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