Extremely Lucky And Powerful Star Sign In Your Hands?-Palmistry

star sign on palm

One of the most important parameters while examining the star formation on the hands is the well marked center with clear lines emanating from it.

Five,Six And Eight Pointed Star

six pointed star in palmistry

A five pointed star,six pointed star and the eight pointed star will give more or less the same positive results and strengthen the qualities associated with the mounts.

However,if the lines are not passing through the center it is considered as a badly formed star which acts as an explosion.

Let’s see the actual six pointed star formed on the mount of Jupiter.

Star on the mount of Jupiter

star on the mount of Jupiter

The image on the left side and right side are exactly the same.

I have changed the color grades of the actual image to help you understand the concept of well marked star in a better way.

You can see lines of almost equal lengths(yellow color) radiating from a well defined center.Closer the star towards the life line and the head line,sooner will be the gratification of desires and ambitions.

In this case,the star sign will bring power,honor and enough opportunities to convert the high ambitions of the person into reality in the early phase of one’s career. 

Please note:The star should not be too small or too big where the electric light or energy produce by the star formation becomes too high to handle the ambitions.

Star on the Heart line

star on the heart line palmistry

Star formation on the major lines is always considered as a bad sign.

If a star gets formed on the heart line at any given point of time indicates serious illness related to the heart or heart attack.

Star on the head line

Star on the head line

Star sign on the head line represents insanity or mental paralysis.

It is considered as one of the most dangerous signs found on the hand because the sudden explosion in the brain makes the person to lose logical bent of mind.

Star on the life line

Star on the life line

Similarly,star formation on the life line denotes fatal accidents or sudden death of the person.

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