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guardian angel line in palmistry

It is said that even a small support, kind of motivational push from someone at the right time can help a person achieve one’s dream or goals.

The person is considered very lucky if he or she gets constant support from a single source throughout one’s life.

Supporting life line in palmistry

Guardian Angel Line on palm

guardian angel line in palmistry

The line which provides such support is known as the guardian angel line which runs parallel to the lifeline adding strength and protection to it.

If the line is not broken and runs all the way down inside the Mount of Venus as shown is considered extremely lucky and rare. The person with such kind of formation on one’s hand is bound to receive constant help and support from one’s wife or husband, friends, family, or relatives.

That is the reason why this line is known as the guardian angel line where the angels in the form of spiritual guardians will keep on protecting the person from obstacles 

Spiritual Guardian

They quickly understand when the person is in trouble and sends another person to change the situation which instills a sense of courage and determination in the person.

For example, if the person has got a weak lifeline which denotes a weak constitution and fragile health but the presence of a guardian angel line will protect the person from various diseases increasing the stamina of the person. Similarly, the line acts as a shield from major accidents or injuries.

Supporting Life line=Guardian Angel line

Guardian angel line also known as supporting life line

The Guardian angel line also starts touching the lifeline and then moving parallel to the lifeline as marked by the line in red color which indicates someone close to the person might be very sick or passed away at that particular age.

According to the traditional palmists, this person takes the form of an angel and keeps on coming in his or her dreams warning him or her about the impending dangers or providing a solution to the problem faced by the bearer.

Angel in the form of dreams

Sometimes, it is very difficult to believe such things but one thing is sure that there will be forces or some power in the universe who will be protecting the bearer in the form of a human being or an angel.

That’s why this line is also known as the sister line or supporting lifeline.

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