Do You Know The Meaning Of These Major Lines In Your Hand?

Major lines in palmistry-heart line,head line and the life line

The major lines are the one which are formed at the time of our birth and are directly related to our brain.It indicates how the person reacts emotionally, intellectually and how is the person’s physical health and energy level.

That is the reason why these lines are known as the heart line,the head line and the life line.

1)The Heart line

Heart line in palmistry

The ideal heart line starts below the mercury mount and goes all the way between the Jupiter mount and the Saturn mount as shown by position 1.

The heart line indicates how well a person expresses his emotions with respect to love and relationship. Longer,deeper and more the curve it takes indicates the person will be able to express one’s emotions very clearly and he or she is very
good at heart.

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Barack Obama's Heart Line

Barack Obama Palm Reading

Let’s see the example of Barack Obama’s hand(former president of United States of America),you can clearly see how deep,long and well curved the heart line is ending between the Jupiter and the Saturn mount.

That is the reason why he is able to connect with the people with his powerful speeches and magnetic personality.At the same time,he shares a great bond with his wife.

If the heart line goes to the Jupiter mount as shown by position 2 indicates the bearer is idealistic,intense lover and is very demanding in nature.

If the heart line goes to the Saturn mount as shown by position 3 indicates the bearer displays his or her emotions using physical relationship.The bearer also becomes selfish and secretive in love matters.

2)The Head line

Head line in palmistry

Generally the head line starts below the Jupiter mount starting from the life line as shown and runs all the way towards the palm.

Head line represents the intellectual capacity,decision-making power, ability to concentrate on your career or goal,capacity to remember the things and how well a person can use his or her imagination for doing productive things in life.

If the head line is long,deep,straight and runs all the way ending below the mercury mount as shown by position 1 indicates single-minded focus,practical nature and good intellectual capacity of the person.However,short head line without any defects does not mean the person lacks intellectual capacity.It means the person restricts one’s thinking process to his or her immediate surroundings only.

If the head line starts moving towards the mount of moon as shown by position 2 indicates the person is making use of creativity and imagination to succeed in one’s life.

Head line and Life line joined

head line and life line joined

      Most of the times,you will find the head line and the life line remain attached for a certain period of time as shown and then it gets separated.It means that initially the bearer was lot more dependent on his parents,friends or relatives for  decisions in life making one more cautious in life.

More the head line starts moving upwards separating from the life line indicates the person is an independent thinker who believes in one’s decisions making him or her a very confident person.

3)The Life line

Life line starts just above the base of the thumb and encircles the Venus mount as shown.

Life line indicates the physical energy and vitality,resistance to diseases and accidents,enthusiasm and major event happenings in the person’s life.

Ideal life line starts below the Jupiter mount and takes a nice curve in the end which indicates the person enjoys life to the fullest,finds a perfect balance between the professional and private life and is not easily afflicted with diseases. Short life line does not mean short lifespan.It indicates they take life as it comes and does not go into planning in advance.

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