Lottery Line And Jackpot Winning Signs In Palmistry

Lottery Signs In Palmistry-Sean LLyods Lottery Winner

This is a very interesting story of a man who worked as a bus driver before he won the lottery and became a multi-millionaire in his life.

One fine day, Sean LLyod decided to buy a lottery ticket after he finished his daily shift, and found a shiny penny on the ground.

Instinctively, he decided to rub the ticket with this lucky coin and you guessed it right, got five out of six numbers right which won him a whooping “1.8 million euros=2.1 million dollars”.

In the lottery system, if no one matches all six numbers, the prize gets distributed to the subsequent winners who have got all five numbers right+ and the bonus ball.

Sean Lloyd Lottery Winner
Image Credit: Manchester Evening News

Let’s see some of the remarkable features on his hand that make him so lucky.

Lottery Lines on palm

Lottery line on palm in palmistry
Image Credit:(Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)

The fate line also known as the career line (black color) is clear and distinct that goes to the mount of Saturn.

From this line, the sun line flawlessly goes to the mount of the Sun (red color) denotes stupendous and sudden success in one’s career.

The line of the sun has not only made him very lucky in acquiring good fortune but also given him recognition all over the world. That’s why the sun line is also known as the Line of Fame and Luck.

An interesting thing to note: The sunline started at the age of around 30. However, he won the jackpot at the age of 48.

He always use to win a small amount of money in the lottery, before winning the jackpot.

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Earth hand shape palmistry
Image Credit:(Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)

If you look at his face, it looks radiant and charismatic because of the strong Apollonian traits that has got into his personality, and the strong mount of Venus without any defects (Gray color) bestowed him with a life of luxury.

His fingers are short, and the mount of Moon is developed suggesting he is highly intuitive (Blue color) and gifted with a strong sixth sense.

The shape of the palm is square, the length of the fingers is short (Yellow color) and the minimum lines on the hand fit the category of Earth.

Such a person is very practical, and intuitive and loves to be in contact with a profession that requires physical activity, and he was actually working as a bus driver before winning the lottery.

He still keeps on winning the lottery every now and then. Some people are just born lucky, and the well-marked sun line increases the conviction within the person that he is certainly going to achieve his dreams one day!

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