Palm Analysis Of World’s Most Famous Palmist-Cheiro’s Palm Reading

Cheiro's Language of the hand

William John Warner popularly known as Cheiro was a famous palm reader who was known for his very accurate predictions about the fate of a person or events.

William John Warner known as Cheiro
William John Warner also known as Cheiro

Born in Ireland,William acquired interest in the occult science from his mother and gradually became so popular that he earned the title of “Cheiro” derived from the word Cheiromancy which means palmistry.

It is said that Cheiro visited India, where he met with the Hindu Priest and learnt the nuances of palmistry for more than 2 years and started practicing palmistry after returning to London,and never looked back again.

Elite Clientele

Oscar Wilde,Thomas Edison,Sarah Bernhardt,Grover Cleveland

He became so famous that his clients list includes Grover Cleveland who served as an American president not once but twice,

Oscar Wilde:London’s most popular author and playwright,

Celebrity French actress Sarah Bernhardt,

Thomas Edison: America’s greatest inventor of all time known for his invention of electric light bulb and the list goes on.

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Titanic Prediction

William Pirrie builder of famous ship Titanic

He was such a powerful predictor that when William Pirrie,builder of world’s most famous ship Titanic visited him in person for consultation,Cheiro told him that he soon would be fighting for his life,soon after RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean and countless other testimonies demonstrates his divination powers and left a lasting impression on palmistry.

Let’s see Cheiro’s palm print and understand unique features on the hand that made him so famous across the globe.

Cheiro's Palm Reading

Cheiro's palm reading
Image Credit:Cheiro's language of the hand

Double Head Line

One of the most startling and rare combinations on the hand is the presence of double head line (Yellow color), which suggests that he had an uncanny ability to think from both sides,before making any decisions or predictions.

It also represents dual nature or two different personalities viz a viz public and private life.

The lower head line is attached to the life line for a long period of time denotes he was sensitive, cautious and dependent on others to make important decisions in the early phase of his life, while the upper head line originating from the mount of Jupiter made him very ambitious,a diplomatic leader and highly successful in the latter part of his career.

Interestingly,the upper head line started reflecting on his hand only after the age of around 30 where he became very famous and came forward to the world as a public speaker and lecturer to overcome the sensitive and cautious nature (lower head line joined with the life line).

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Evenly Set Fingers

Long mercury finger along with waist like formation present on second section of thumb bestowed him with excellent communication, business or writing skills and evenly set fingers added a sense of balance in his personality,which is often found on the hands of very successful and rich people.

He use to work as a lecturer,and later as an editor of newspaper in London and Paris.

It also explains why he was so successful in handling elite clients who use to consult him from time to time.

Branch from Fate line to Sun mount

Branch from the fate line goes to the mount of Sun (red color) represents he became famous due to his own efforts and determination.It starts shortly after the sudden appearance of upper head line.

Short effort lines emerging from the life line (Magenta color) reinforces the above point.

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Intuition line on palm

The hand shows a well marked ring of Solomon and the line of intuition (green color) denotes Cheiro was gifted with strong psychic abilities to understand other people’s mind and feelings.

These gifted signs have made him extra sensitive,and assisted him to make accurate predictions on person’s life events.

Late Marriage

Cheiro married very late in his life to one of his clients and if you observe closely,a strong supporting sister line (Blue color) is present at the end that runs parallel to the life line.

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