Unlucky Signs On Palm And Very Bad Signs-Grim Sleeper Palmistry

bad signs grim sleeper palmistry

White Color of the hands

unlucky white color of hands palmistry
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Look at the hand, it looks pale and white in color, as if the blood is drained out from the hands.

It makes the person insensitive, cold, less enthusiastic and denotes lack of empathy towards others.

Some people argue that he or she is dark skinned, that’s why it looks pale and white in color.

This argument is flawed. The blood in the human body does not differentiates between white and black people, or any other race for that matter.

Our body always provides ample or subtle clues to a person that something is wrong, and he needs to act immediately on that front to improve one’s life.

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Heavy Influence of Saturn and Moon

White color of mount of Saturn and moon-Grim sleeper
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There is a heavy influence of Saturn, Moon and Venus on the hand.

Moon also known as Luna is always associated with the color white which makes the person quite cold, selfish with vague imagination and deceitful in nature.

It is getting reinforced by the round shape of the head, and small ears held close to it fits the category of typical Lunarian.

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Major lines on palm dark

Major lines on palm dark in color
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Love, sympathy, generosity, warmth, social nature, love for luxury and other positive traits associated with the mount of Venus are greatly reduced due to the white color hand.

In addition, the major lines: the head line, the heart line and the life line including the fate line are dark red in color denotes his harsh and extreme nature.

Head line from lower mars

head line from lower mars
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The head line is uneven in its beginning, and a line from the lower mars joins it represents he is hot headed, quarrelsome and does not have self control over his emotions.

If you combine all the mentioned parameters, it creates an obnoxious evil personality who has a general hatred towards mankind.

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Elementary thumb

Elementary thumb palmistry
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The thumb look bulky, thick and heavy as if it is going to fall off from the hand.

It is one of the basic type of thumbs found in palmistry, and it reflects the animalistic and brute nature of the person.

Such person is illogical, crude in the thinking process and will be a complete failure because of the stubborn attitude.

It is undoubtedly accompanied by rough texture of the skin, thick and strong development of third section of the fingers, heavy and hard structure of the hand accentuates the bad qualities as mentioned.

Short Jupiter finger

Short Jupiter finger
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The Jupiter finger is short and low set as compared to other fingers, and bulging pads on such hand suggests he is irresponsible, lacks self esteem, mentally sick and a sadistic psychopath.

Furthermore, presence of scattered star on the mount of Venus reflects his wicked and unusual sexual patterns.

This is the hand of “Grim Sleeper” who was convicted in 2016 by Los Angeles Superior Court for killing at least 12 women, and sentenced him to death.

You can clearly see the life line after the star formation, the head line and the fate line all getting diminished after the age of 42.

When there is a fundamental problem in the personality, how can a person become successful?

Update to this article: On March 28,2020 Franklin aka Grim Sleeper was found dead in his cell.

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