Lottery Signs And Sudden Wealth Signs In Your Hands?-Palmistry

Lottery signs in palmistry

In the late fifteen century, the lottery was first introduced in France and miserably failed because people at that time could not afford the high price of tickets.

lottery was introduced in France

It is only after the nineteenth century that the lottery became a hot topic among people and palmistry as well.

After all, who doesn’t want free and easy money?

lottery and sudden wealth

The lottery is equivalent to sudden wealth; cryptocurrency, stocks, and gambling are also part of the same ecosystem.

Luck or Mathematics

Stefan Mandel lottery winner

It can be won through sheer luck or making use of statistics.

The man on the right-hand side, his name is Stefan Mandel won the lottery 14 times by making use of mathematics and discerning the algorithm of the lottery.

History and statistics have shown that most lottery winners end up being losers because of mismanagement of money and high divorce rates which speaks volumes about the fact that how relationships are fragile as soon as money gets involved.

Lottery Triangle in Palmistry

Lottery triangle in palmistry

A well-marked and distinct triangle formed between headline and lifeline without any defects along with the presence of a strong sun line on the Sun mount increases lottery luck and sudden wealth obtained through a hidden treasure or a perfect opportunity will present itself at the right place at the right time.

That’s why it is known as a lottery triangle in palmistry.

I have found time and again the position of the lottery triangle on palm is accurate for unforeseen money gains.

Nonetheless, I don’t have any logical explanation for its name and how it got derived over the course of time in palm reading.

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Sunline from fate line

sun line from fate line

On the non-dominant hand, the sun line has emerged from the fate line. It is slightly wavy in its beginning.

Sudden Wealth in Palmistry

sudden wealth signs in palmistry

If the sun line starts from the fate line and reaches the prominent mount of the Sun as shown indicates luck is on one’s side and promises unanticipated gains like winning a jackpot, beginning a very productive life, or receiving out-of-the-blue help from someone even unknown to a person.

Likewise, if a line from fate line to sun mount is found on the non-dominant hand as well certainly indicates sudden growth and financial success in advertising and arts. New innovative ideas keep popping up out of nowhere.

I always get asked this question, “Does the sun line from Fate line guarantees huge lottery winnings?”. The obvious answer is no. You have to look at the risk-taking or gambling tendencies on the hands.

If Apollo finger is longer than Jupiter finger and the headline is clear and defect-free reflects the calculated risk-taking abilities of a person thereby increasing the chances to accumulate a big fortune at the right time. In addition, peace of mind and an exceptional career is evident on such hands.

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A triangle on the bracelet

triangle on bracelet line palmistry

A triangle on the bracelet line in palmistry pointing towards the Sun Mount represents sudden and unexpected financial windfall and big returns in real estate at some point in one’s life.

The Mount of Sun on the palm represents luck, popularity, and a big position in the public-related area.

A well-developed Sun mount and a triangle on the bracelet certainly attract money and confer a person with extraordinary riches.

Lines from Heart line to Sun mount

branch from head line to sun mount

Lines emerging from the heart line to Sun mount along with the developed mount of the moon denote the sudden acquisition of wealth and lottery success.

In addition, a branch from the headline to Sun Mount represents a similar kind of success. I have seen such a combination on the hands of a person who use to hedge funds and made a fortune by buying and selling stocks.

The headline was clear, deep, and straight, and the square hand shape reflects he is intelligent, has good decision-making abilities, and is very practical in his outlook.

If you are overwhelmed with any positive or negative situation, it is the good headline that comes to the rescue.

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Intuition line palmistry

Intuition line in palmistry

If there is a presence of an intuition line on a developed mount of mercury and moon; furthermore, a star on the mount of Apollo is seen certainly suggests the likelihood of winning a lottery.

In addition, if the lines from the line of intuition travel to the Sun mount as shown denotes he or she will encounter bizarre dreams, premonitions, equations, or series of numbers flashes in dreams which come out to be true.

It is a good marking for sudden wealth in palmistry with one’s powerful intuition.

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