Ted Bundy Palm Reading-Mystery Solved Palmistry

Ted Bundy Palmistry

Every human being has some sort of dark side which can manifest itself in an ugly shape if there is no resistance within the body.

dark side of human being

Studies have shown that poverty, troubled childhood,lack of love, family problems and myriad of reasons affects the brain structure and psychology of the person.

Ted Bundy Palm Prints

Image Credits:Simon Lehmann-Visions of Ted Bundy

I always try to check the veracity of the palm prints found on the internet.In this case,FBI released both these images at different point of time during their investigation on Ted Bundy.

If you compare different markings on both the palm prints,you will realize that they are exactly the same except for the fact that due to the change in the thumb position,the curvature of the fingers seems to be slightly different.

Hence I can proceed further in analyzing the palm of Ted Bundy.

Ted Bundy Left Hand

He was left handed thereby making left hand as his dominant hand.

Mount of mars and mount of Venus is over developed and bulgy in both hands denotes he was aggressive,passionate and got an extra appetite for sex and beauty.

This is getting reinforced by the heavy influence of negative mars on Ted Bundy as he was born in the month of November.

Defective head line along with the above combination suggests that he was courageous,crafty,moody and has got kind of split personality.

Scattered Star on Sun mount

scattered star on the mount of Sun

Let’s have a closer look at the mount of Sun.

There is a formation of an imperfect star in both hands with the lines randomly emanating from indefinite center suggests explosion and bad reputation in the person’s life.

Perhaps he was destined to be in the public eye as the fate line is originating from the mount of moon and achieve notoriety in an extremely wrong way.

Several films,documentaries and books have been written on his life making him one of the most famous serial killers of all time.

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Ted Bundy Inner Aggression

Ted Bundy aggression and fire hand

Mount of Sun,mount of Mars and Venus mount(red arrows) have produced excess heat in Ted Bundy’s body and random lines on the lower mount of Mars(blue color)represents this energy was directionless.

In addition,the hand looks bulky and belongs to the fire type which adds fuel to the fire and makes him highly intense,passionate and impatient.

Ted Bundy Sexual Energy And Egoism

Ted Bundy sexual energy and egoism

The line from the head line towards the Saturn mount(blue color),the ring finger is longer than the Jupiter finger reaching above the middle portion of Saturn finger (yellow color) along with the scattered star on the Sun mount makes him an egoist,arrogant, ostentatious and a risk taker.

Palmistry is all about connecting the dots,that’s why it is an art.

Thick third phalanges(green color) along with the strong development of physical world denotes he had proclivity towards gratification of his sexual desires.

It also increases his libido and makes him materialistic in nature.

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Head line broken under Saturn mount

Broken Head line under Mount of Saturn

The mystery gets solved when we look at the major lines and try to decipher signs present on the palm and understand what made him commit the heinous crimes he is known for.

Look at the heart line,it is curved and starts in between the Jupiter finger and the Saturn finger,uneven in its density and goes all the way towards the mercury mount in small bits and pieces indicates he was emotional, expressive and fickle in nature.

Some strange event must have happened in his life at the age of around 27.

A line from the heart line is going towards the lower mount of mars(yellow color),at the same time there is break in the head line under the mount of Saturn(blue color).Similarly,the life line is getting thick at the exact time frame.

It represents there was so much aggression in Ted Bundy’s body that it completely changed his character and mental thought process as the lines from the head line are going towards the Lower mars.

The thickness of the life line along with the above combination increased the violent tendencies and instability in his life.At this age,he started his killing spree and never looked back.

It is ironical that he was working at suicide prevention hotlines during the same time.

Amygdala and Emotions

Amygdala and emotions
Image Credits:Wiki Commons

Amygdala is the area in the brain that controls fear,emotions and aggression.The hand reflects some neural network must have got damaged in this area,which might lead to bipolar disorder or depression.

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Image Credits:Simon Lehmann-Visions of Ted Bundy

If you look at the right hand,head line is starting from the lower mount of mars and there is an island like formation at the end of it reflects mental illness or temper issues.

Horizontal Line on Saturn mount

Horizontal line on Saturn mount

In addition,horizontal line on the Saturn mount,fingers pointing towards the thumb and low set Jupiter finger suggests Ted Bundy must have faced with some sort of vacuum and insecurity in his life.

Horizontal line on the mount of Saturn(orange color) is considered to be very bad sign as it brings impediments to success and sometimes imprisonment as well.

One of the lines from the broken head line is going towards Jupiter mount(green color) represents he became ambitious during this period.It is kind of bizarre combination.

Soon after,the head line is followed by small island denotes he never recovered from the mentioned mental state(yellow color),line going towards the mercury mount from this island represents he was facing money or family problems.

Line from the Venus mount cuts the thick life line denotes frustrations,health problems and worries(purple color).At the age of around 31 or 32,he successfully managed to escape from the prison and continued his unlawful activities.

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Ted Bundy Intelligent and Cunning

curved little finger Ted bundy

The lines from the head line going towards the mercury mount along with the curved little finger suggests Ted Bundy was intelligent,a good communicator and innate understanding of human nature.

It also makes him cunning and manipulative.In fact,he holds a degree in psychology.

Loop of Humour

loop of humour in palmistry

Furthermore,loop found in between the Mercury finger and the Apollo finger represents he had a good sense of humour.

No doubt he was able to attract young women because of his charismatic and magnetic personality bestowed by the overdeveloped mount of Venus.

Split at the end of the headline denotes his versatility and an uncanny ability to see the situations from both sides.

That is the reason why he managed to find the loopholes in the law system at that time and masquerade himself under false names with different identities like a chameleon.

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Line from Venus cutting the life line

Line from Venus cutting life line

He had excellent abilities and personality to become a lawyer.

It is getting reinforced with the Square tips on the fingers,large development of second section of the thumb and good development of upper mount of mars represents he was precise, practical,orderly and worked on the things with careful thought and great determination.

Unfortunately,he took a wrong path and became a monster.

You can see a thick line from the thumb almost crossing the life line(blue color) at the age of around 40 or 41,cross bar cutting the heart line(yellow color) and the fate line almost disappearing at the exact same age suggests severe trouble that has affected his health,emotions, which brought trauma and made the life purposeless.

Although death is very difficult to predict in palmistry,too many lines trying to cross the thick life line and the life line branching out at the end certainly reflects great loss of vitality and hardships in the person’s life.

Ted Bundy and Carole Ann boone

Ted bundy’s love life was never meant to be successful because he could not keep a tab on his inner aggression.

A line from the life line joining the Saturn line(purple color) and the overlapped affection line(red color) indicates on and off relationship, and it proved to be unsuccessful as the line is getting faint after the influence.

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