Do You Have These Lucky Lines In Your Palm??-Palmistry

Do you have these lucky lines on your palm-palmistry

Some people are destined to be popular and wealthy in one’s life because they are extremely lucky in their life.They always find themselves in the right place at the right time getting help from right kind of people making them highly successful.

Let’s see some of the lucky lines in palmistry.

Fate line from wrist or bracelet

Fate line from the wrist or bracelet-lucky line

If the fate line starts from wrist or bracelet and flawlessly goes to the mount of Saturn or middle finger as shown is considered as very lucky.

Such person frequently gets promoted in one’s career and seldom have to worry about money.

On the top of it,if the Rahu mount on palm is elevated will take the person to the top position in a very short period of time.

Rahu is a very powerful planet.On a good hand,it confers the person with sudden wealth,power and even has the potential to convert your enemies into friends.

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Line from Saturn mount to Jupiter mount

Lucky line/sign

If the line starts between the Apollo and the Saturn finger and goes all the way to the Jupiter mount like an arc indicates the person is going to inherit significant portion of property either through one’s spouse or family members.

In addition,there are high chances of winning a lottery or huge amount of money in gambling.

Two fate lines

Two parallel fate lines on the palm-lucky sign

Two parallel fate lines or double fate line of equal depth and color denotes two incomes source from two different professions,hobby or business at the same time.

It is a sign of luck,prosperity and super success in palmistry.

Point to note:The two fate lines on palm should be distinct,clear without any defects.

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Single vertical line on Apollo finger

Single vertical line on the Apollo finger-lucky sign

Single vertical line connecting the second and third section of Apollo finger as shown indicates the person will get help from the famous and powerful people in his or her life.

With the constant support and favor from such people,the person will become rich and famous in one’s life.

Triangle formed by headline and Sun line

Lucky line-Triangle formed between the head line and the sun line

If the line from the headline joins the Sun line making a triangle like formation as shown represents the person is highly intelligent and gifted with a strong vision which will make him or her immensely popular and lucky in one’s career.

Flawless Sun line and the Fateline

Flawless Sun line and Fate line -Lucky sign

If the fate line and the Sun line are starting from the base of the palm without any defects is considered as one of the most fortunate and lucky signs in palmistry.

Such person is born to be famous and rich in one’s life as the opportunities keeps knocking at his or her door.

Sun line starting from the base of the palm makes the person famous at the beginning of one’s career and flawless fate line maintains the stability in the person’s life.

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