Which Hand To Read-Left Hand Or Right Hand In Palmistry

which palm to read for male

One of the most important and frequently asked question in palmistry is which hand one should read.

Left hand or Right hand?

Which Hand to Read in Palmistry?

which palm to read for male

Whenever a person consumes information on palmistry and finds some good and lucky signs such as a cross or star formation on the Jupiter mount in one hand, he or she gets confused about which hand to look for palm reading.

The same goes for bad signs. In this article, I will explain the traditional viewpoint of palm readers and how it evolved over the period of time.

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Left hand for woman and Right hand for man?

Human brain is directly connected to the lines forming on the palm

Traditional palm readers used to read the left hand for women and the right hand for men to predict the future.

The human brain is directly connected to the hands via a vast network of nerves. That’s why the lines and signs change on the palm if the person decides to change one’s lifestyle and thinking process.

The left side of the brain is connected to the right side of the body and vice versa. The left side of the brain deals with logical abilities, decision-making, our interaction with the outer world, and the experience gathered from it.

That is the reason why traditional palmists use to look at the right hand of men to predict the future because during that time only men use to earn income for the entire family.

Women were a lot more dependent on their husbands or father. They were a lot more confined to the domestic sphere. Hence palm readers used to read their left hand as the right side of the brain deals with emotions, the creative side, etc.

Today women have become financially independent. They are working as doctors, engineers, and various other professions.

Hence the mentioned conventional practice no longer holds true which paved the way for dominant and nondominant hand theory that does not have any gender bias.

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Dominant hand and Non Dominant hand palmistry

dominant hand and non-dominant hand palmistry

The dominant hand is the active hand used by the person a maximum number of times like writing, eating, etc making it as a dominant hand.

It represents the present life of the person and how he or she is dealing with it which helps to determine the future of the person.

On the contrary, the non-dominant hand is the passive hand that represents inherent potential, qualities, fears, and other personality traits the person is born with.

Ideally one should analyze both palms to get an accurate reading.

For example, if a deep mercury line also known as a health line is present on the non-dominant hand.

At the same time, a faint, weak, and broken health line is present on the dominant hand suggests even though a person has got the energy and potential to make money 

However, the present lifestyle took a toll on one’s health, communication, and business skills in general.

Similarly, if the lines found on the dominant hand are well marked without any defects as compared to the non-dominant hand denotes person has worked extremely hard to move ahead in his or her life.

This is how one should keep on analyzing different aspects of human behavior and combine all the parameters to arrive at some conclusion.

What about a person who is Ambidextrous?

Ambidextrous-the person who uses both the hands

The person who is ambidextrous represents he or she can make use of both hands.

In such a case, the hand with which the person writes will be considered as a dominant hand.

In rare cases, if the person can’t decide his or her dominant hand then the length of the thumb should be the deciding factor.

The thumb on the dominant hand will be longer and more flexible as compared to the non-dominant hand.

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