Money Lines That Will Make You A Millionaire-Palmistry

millionaire money lines in palmistry

There are some indications on the hands that makes an individual very successful in terms of career, money and fame.

Triangle on the head line

Triangle on the head line and ambitions lines

If the head line is separated from the life line, a triangle gets formed at the beginning of the head line, many lines from life line to Jupiter mount, strong and clear sun line is present with the flawless fate line along with the developed mount of mercury and Apollo indicates excellent success in making money.

Gap between the aforementioned lines along with the formation of a clear triangle suggests the person is very clever and independent in the thought process right from his or her childhood, lines going to the Jupiter mount provides him with high ambitions, flawless fate line and sun line maneuvers the person in a definite direction, and mercury provides him with unparalleled energy and business acumen.

How can a person not become successful in such case?

Line from head line to Sun mount

line from head line to sun mount

If lines from the head line goes to the sun mount and one of the lines ends in a trident,Saturn line also known as fate line ends in a ladder like formation on the Jupiter mount along with the star formation denotes the person will create his own business due to exceptional talent in the creative field.

The person will slowly and steadily rise to the highest position of power who will come in contact with elite people where they will help the person realize his or her ambitions.

In this case,always compare the length of the Apollo finger with the Saturn finger to ascertain the risk taking abilities of the person.

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Branch from sun line to mount of mercury

If the sun line starts from the mount of moon and ends on the Sun mount without any defects, throws some branches on the mercury mount as shown,clear and distinct vertical lines are present on the second section of the Jupiter finger along with the long thumb represents fortunate sign with regards to money,fame and family life.

Long and clear sun line originating from the mount of moon represents constant support and strength from the public or spouse, branches to the mercury mount will assist the person in getting monetary benefits from his or her artistic talents, distinct lines on the second section of Jupiter finger along with the strong thumb makes the person highly practical and a leader who knows how to make money.

Triangles on the fate line

triangles on the fate line

If the fate line and sun line are flawlessly running towards their respective mounts,lines from the sun line are getting merged into the fate line as shown,and triangles starts to appear on the fate line suggests some very positive influence has helped the person in one’s business or career.

Well marked triangles on the fate line always indicates huge amount of wealth earned during that particular period either in business or career.

In addition,ambition lines are going to the Jupiter mount without any defects along with the long mercury finger is a guaranteed sign of success in business.

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Branch from mercury line to Saturn mount

branch from mercury line to Saturn mount

If a clear mercury line also known as business line goes all the way towards the mercury mount,from this line a branch goes to the Saturn mount as shown represents extraordinary success in making money in business.

Mercurians are known for their problem solving skills,exceptional communication and business acumen and branch to the Saturn mount suggests the person is making use of wisdom and hardworking nature bestowed by the Saturn mount.

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