Line of Fame/Luck/Wealth-Sun Line In Palmistry (Part 2)

Sun line in palmistry
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      Basics of the Sun line, its origin,timings and various combinations have already been covered in my previous article.

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Let’s see another set of combinations found on the Sun line.

1)Branch from Sun line to the Jupiter mount

Branch from sun line to the Jupiter mount

If a branch from the Sun line goes all the way to the Mount of Jupiter as shown indicates the person will get fame and reputation because of one’s leadership or managerial skills.

Such kind of formation is often found in the hands of top government officials or the person who holds a very good position in administration.

2)Faint thin Sun line

Faint thin sun line

If the Sun line is deep and clear in the initial phase of life and becomes quite thin at the end indicates that the bearer achieved lots of success and reputation in one’s early career but this success and money-making abilities slowly started to decrease as the Sun line becomes thin which reduces the power of the sun line.

3)Sun line from head line

sun line from head line

If the sun line starts from the head line as shown indicates that the bearer will achieve wealth and success in one’s career due to his or her hard work,mental efforts and brilliant intellect.

It is often found in the hands of scientists,writers or the person who is involved in a profession that requires  right kind of thinking process.

4)No Sun line

No sun line/Absence of sun line

Absence of sun line indicates that the bearer will find it very hard to achieve any kind of recognition and big success in one’s life.

Without sun line even if the bearer has got immense talent,it often go unrecognized as luck does not favor them.

5)Sun line from moon mount

sun line from moon mount

If the sun line originates from the mount of moon and goes all the way towards the sun mount without any defects indicates that the bearer will achieve name and fame with the help of others.

Because of the love and support of other people such person will gain popularity in the world.

That is the reason why it is often spotted in the hands of celebrities, artists or the person who is involved in the public domain.

6)Cross on the sun line

Cross on the sun line

If a cross is present on the sun line indicates loss of reputation in the person’s life.

It is considered as a very bad sign as the person loses money and status earned in the society. 

7)Chained Sun line

chained sun line

If the sun line is chained as shown indicates that the bearer remains confused in one’s life and finds it very difficult to focus on the things or career.

This happens because the energy is not channelized in the right direction which increases the mental tension in the bearer’s life.

8)Branches from Sun line

Branches from sun line

If the branch is arising from the sun line indicates the bearers efforts are  going in the right direction resulting in the overall success in one’s career.

These branches also helps to overcome obstacles and move ahead in the life.

9)Horizontal Lines cutting Sun line

Horizontal lines cutting the sun line

Horizontal lines cutting the sun line indicates obstacles in the person’s life.If the sun line continues even after the horizontal cuts indicates that the bearer overcame those obstacles.

The severity of the effect depends upon the intensity of the horizontal cuts.

10)Black dot on Sun line

Black dot on sun line

Black dot or spot on the sun line indicates the bear will lose the social status in one’s life. 

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