Line of Fame,Luck And Wealth-Sun Line/Apollo Line In Palmistry (Part 2)

Sun line in palmistry

Basics of Sun line, its origin,timings and various combinations have already been covered in my previous article.

Let’s see another set of combinations found on the Sun line.

1)Branch from Sun line to mount of Jupiter

Branch from sun line to the mount of Jupiter

Branch from Sun line to the mount of Jupiter indicates the person will get fame,reputation and wealth because of one’s leadership or managerial skills.

Such kind of formation is often found in the hands of top government officials and top level executives such as CEO,CFO etc etc.

2)Faint thin Sun line

Faint thin sun line

If the Sun line is deep and clear in the initial phase of life and becomes quite thin and faint at the end represents the person will achieve lots of success,luck and reputation in early part of one’s career.

However,he or she is likely to struggle from the point where the sun line becomes fragile and reduces its power.

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3)Sun line from head line

sun line from head line

If the sun line starts from the head line as shown indicates the person will achieve exceptional success and wealth in career due to his or her own hard work,mental efforts and brilliant intellect.

It is often found on the hands of scientists,writers or any profession that requires strategic thinking skills.

4)No Sun line

No sun line/Absence of sun line

Absence of sun line indicates represents hard luck to achieve any kind of big recognition and success in one’s life.

Without a sun line,there is a likelihood that the talent of any person can go unrecognized due to continuous streak of bad luck.

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5)Sun line from moon mount

sun line from moon mount

If the sun line originates from the mount of moon and goes all the way to the sun mount without any defects indicates the person will achieve extraordinary name,fame and popularity due to constant love and support from other people all over the world.

No wonder,it is often found on the hands of celebrities,artists or anyone who loves to be in the eye of public.

6)Cross on Sun line

Cross on the sun line

A cross on the sun line or sun mount denotes loss of reputation, money,weak eyes or heart problems in the person’s life.

It is considered as a very bad sign in palmistry.

7)Chained Sun line

chained sun line

Chained sun line denotes confusion,lack of focus on one’s career as the energy is not channelized in the right direction which increases the mental tension in the person’s life.

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8)Branches from Sun line

Branches from sun line

Branches rising upward from the sun line indicates efforts put by the person are working in the right direction which increases the overall success rate.

It also reflects a positive attitude to overcome obstacles in his or her life.

9)Horizontal Lines cutting Sun line

Horizontal lines cutting the sun line

Horizontal lines on the sun mount represents obstacles in the person’s life.

If the sun line continues without any defects after the cut indicates he or she overcame those hurdles.

The severity of the troubles depends on the thickness of the horizontal lines cutting the sun line.

10)Black dot on Sun line

Black dot on sun line

Black spot or mole on sun mount indicates defamation and loss of social status in one’s life.

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