Continuous Struggles And Obstacles Signs In Your Life?-Palmistry

struggle and obstacle signs in palmistry
struggles and obstacle signs in palmistry

This is the hand of a person who consulted me in 2017, he was really in a mess as he was facing lots of troubles, both financially and mentally, and literally lost everything in his life.

Heart Line touches Head Line

Heart line touching head line

Look at the heart line, it has shifted towards the headline and deviated from its natural path, got merged into the headline indicates some event must have occurred in his life that he no longer trusts his heart or emotions, and heavily rely on his mind for decision making.

The shape of the palm is the rectangular squarish, broken girdle of Venus (green color) along with the sensitive pads (blue color) on the fingers, and the smooth texture of the skin denotes the very emotional and sensitive caring nature of a person.

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Stress Lines on palm

Stress lines palmistry

However, the quadrangle is so narrow and closed on the plain of Mars (yellow color) denotes the person is not able to express his emotional side which is causing a lot of strain on his brain.

There is a high chance that the person might suffer from respiratory diseases like asthma, due to such combination.

When the headline is full of defects (red color) and the nails are long, it suggests the person is predisposed to chest pains and nervous tension.

In addition, excessive cerebral stresses (brown color) on the Venus mount along with weak and scattered mercury line (purple color) denotes liver and digestion problems.

He mentioned he meditates a lot, and I told him he was lying and deceiving himself. It is not possible to concentrate for a long period of time with such kind of defective headline.

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Head Line full of Islands

Head Line full of Islands

With the padded mercury mount, the pink color of the nails along with the defective and islanded headline, he is mentally active and fragile at the same time, to which he readily agreed.

Struggles And Obstacles Signs in Palmistry

Island on life line and fate line

The lifeline and the headline are joined together and chained with multiple islands (yellow color) up to the age of 21, fate line is running very close to the lifeline reflecting constant health troubles, and the person is burdened with family responsibilities.

At the age of around 27 or 28, a line from the mount of Venus is cutting the sister line, the lifeline, the fate line and the headline (white color) indicates someone very close to the person must have caused him lots of trouble, which has impacted his mental health as well as career.

He invested a substantial amount of his savings in his friend’s business, and he promised to share 50 percent of his profits. However, he just ran away with all his money.

You can clearly see the downward branches from the lifeline(green color), a small island followed by a big island-like formation on the fate line, and horizontal lines on the third section of Jupiter’s (blue color) finger suggest breaks, directionless and frustrations in career.

At the age of around 35, an island gets formed on the lifeline (yellow color), a sister line inside the lifeline branches out at the same time (black color), and from this point line cuts the lifeline(white color) along with the star like formation on the Saturn mount (black color), indicates health troubles with regards to bone or accidents.

At the same time, the heart line is getting merged with the headline in an island (purple color) denotes someone very close to the person will try to hurt the person in a similar way as mentioned.

Look at the sun line, it is getting diminished at the age of around 36 (light green color) which reflects the struggle in acquiring the right kind of recognition in his career.

A square is in its formation ahead of its time (dark red color) which suggests somehow the person will/might escape from mental, emotional, and career troubles.

With the improvement in the lifeline, I see riches and wealth coming late in his life at the age of around 45, with the well-formed triangle on the heart line (blue color) and branch from the head line towards the mercury mount at the age of around 49.

However, the mental troubles will keep on irritating the person, as lots of random lines are cutting the headline (yellow color).

Islands on Sunline

Islands on Sun line

The series of islands and bars cutting the sun line indicates constant struggles in getting the desired fame and reputation.

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Whorl on thumb palmistry

Incomplete Money Triangle

Look at the money triangle, completely broken and scattered denotes financial instability, and this is one of the reasons why he consulted me in the first place.

After the age of 62, the lifeline is getting diminished which suggests a loss of vitality and energy in his life.

He told me that he was allergic at some point of time in his life which can be clearly seen from the line starting from the lifeline going towards the mount of the moon (white color).

The apparent question is what he should do.

He should worship Lord Sun so that the Sun line will improve which will bring luck factor in his life that is missing on the hands. In addition, he should practice meditation postures that will help him improve his heart line as well as headlines.

This is the hand of a Buddhist monk, who already knows a lot about meditation, he just needs some direction from my side.

He should be less sensitive and more practical in his thought process and approach, otherwise, people will keep on taking advantage of him and his situation, as the mental zone is quite developed along with the first section of the fingers (blue color).

The upper mount and the lower mount of Mars are well developed along with the strong medium set thumb with a whorl pattern on it denotes the person has got extraordinary willpower and courage to get out of any troubles.

Whorl on the tip of the Jupiter finger(yellow color), sympathy lines on the Jupiter mount (dark blue color) with the apex at its center along with the well-formed grain symbol on the thumb suggest the person who is an original independent thinker and has the capacity to start his own business using one’s spirituality.

The well-padded mercury mount and line from the sun line to the mercury mount (dark yellow color) reinforce this point. In fact, he told me that he has won several awards in public speaking.

He recently shifted to Canada for better job opportunities, and I told him beforehand when he consulted me that the hand represents travel and struggles.

Such type of hand intrigues and inspires me at the same time, who wants to get out of adversity which I cannot comprehend in words!

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