What Does Your Thumb Shape Say About You?-Palm Reading

thumb and your personality

The thumb has always been given very special importance in palmistry because it represents the entire palm, and the tip of the first section of the thumb directly connects with the brain.

That is the reason why thumb is considered an excellent measure to determine the character or personality of a person and how he or she is making use of one’s inherent talents and abilities.

The thumb is a finger?

thumb and your personality/Thumb is the king of all fingers

In some forms of palmistry, palm readers only focus their entire attention on discerning the fingerprint, shape, and size of the thumb which gives abundant information to predict the future of a person.

Indeed, the thumb is known as the king of all fingers as it is equivalent to four fingers on the hand, and only humans enjoy the luxury of having the thumb on their hands that provides an easy grip or hold of objects.

Technically speaking, the thumb is considered a digit, not a finger. How many fingers do you have on each hand? Four or five?

From a palmistry standpoint, it really does not matter much as far as personality and other predictions go.

Phalanges of Thumb

phalanges of thumb

Like all fingers, the thumb is also divided into three phalanges.

The first phalange of thumb that comprise a thumbnail represents the willpower and determination of a person to move ahead in one’s life.

The second phalange denotes the logical and strong reasoning abilities of a person, and the third phalange of thumb is the mount of Venus itself as shown that deals with how he or she expresses his or her passion, love, and sympathy towards others.

If there is a balance between the mentioned sections of the thumb and the structure of the hand is good, the person is likely to become successful and wealthy in one’s life.

While determining the personality, the mount of Venus is often neglected and the first two phalanges of the thumb are focused which provides great insights about self-control, and the character of an individual.

Let’s see the different personalities emerging from the excess or deficit of these phalanges.

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First Phalange=Second Phalange

thumb shape in palmistry

If the first phalanx of thumb is equal to the second phalanx of thumb as shown indicates there is a balance of willpower and logic.

The person does not get carried away by emotions, and each and every decision are well thought out, backed with strong reasoning.

Because of such well-planned action, he or she often keeps unwanted emotions aside and gets successful in the love matters or any relationships per se, provided there are other markings on the hand to validate it.

First Phalange > Second Phalange

First phalange of the thumb is greater than the second phalange of the thumb

If the first phalanx of thumb is greater than the second phalanx as shown represents willpower is in excess of logical and reasoning skills.

The person tends to act first and does not care about the consequences if something goes against to what he or she has planned.

In this process, there is a likelihood of making mistakes.

Furthermore, the person often becomes stubborn and obsessive in regards to one’s work which is not necessarily a bad thing, provided the energy is channelized in the right direction.

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First Phalange < Second Phalange

Second phalange of the thumb is greater than the first phalange of the thumb

If the second phalanx of thumb is greater than the first phalanx as shown denotes strong logical reasoning skills, but lacks adequate willpower or courage to achieve the purpose.

It makes the person very careful and analyzes the entire situation before coming to any conclusions.

No wonder, he or she takes a long time than usual, thereby restricting the ability to put an entire planned activity into existence.

Such a person should relax, and try not to think too much in one’s life.

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