Minor Lines In Palmistry And Meaning Of Hand Lines On Palm

minor lines in palmistry

It is true without a doubt that all the lines on the hands are subject to change, depending upon the person’s thought process and circumstances.

However, major lines tend to change very slowly, whereas minor lines frequently change on the hands.

Minor Lines In Palmistry

minor lines in palmistry

Minor lines on the palm provide great insight into a person’s character, bad qualities, hidden talents, and many other traits that assists a palm reader to predict the future of a person.

Let’s see the minor lines on the palm and their significance in general.

Girdle of Venus

Girdle of Venus in palmistry

The Girdle of Venus is a semicircle-like formation that generally starts between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers and ends between the Apollo and Mercury finger.

It makes the person very sensitive, nervous, and restless in nature.

It also heightens the passionate and sensual nature of a person who often seeks to release his or her excess energy in the form of physical or bodily pleasure.

However, one needs to look at the type of hand and the prominence of the mounts, especially mounts of Venus and Mars before making any firm judgments.

On the positive hand, the girdle of Venus makes the person very good in the occult science, arts, spiritual things, love for beauty, and nature.

Travel lines palmistry

Travel lines in palmistry

Travel lines are the short horizontal lines found on the mount of the Moon, and run towards the middle of the palm.

As the name suggests, these lines are related to travel, mostly abroad, that might bring some important changes or experiences in a person’s life.

It may be positive or negative depending on the condition of a line.

A longer travel line without any defects, indicates longer the duration and more fruitful will be the journey to the subject.

Point to note: An individual who doesn’t possess any of these lines, does not necessarily mean that he or she will not travel abroad.

It only denotes that the journey doesn’t have any major significance in one’s life.

For example, a businessman for whom traveling abroad has become a part and parcel of his life, you will seldom find travel lines on the hand.

Line of Intuition

Line of intuition in palmistry

Line of Uranus also known as the line of intuition is an arc formed starting from the mount of the moon and going towards the mercury finger as shown.

People having a line of intuition are gifted with strong psychic abilities to understand other people’s minds and pain. Hence they are known for their excellent healing abilities.

Fate line

fate line/destiny line/career line in palmistry

The fate line also known as the destiny line generally starts from the bottom of the palm and runs all the way towards the Saturn mount as shown.

The fate line reflects the important events in your life which might bring a change in your career or promotion in the job.

A person with no fate line doesn’t mean that the person will not have a spectacular career or the person won’t be able to make significant wealth in one’s life. It only suggests that the person is not that much interested in one’s current job or is yet to decide in which field his or her interest lies.

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Mercury line

Mercury line/Business line/health line in palmistry

The Mercury line generally starts near the fate line or the mount of the moon and runs upwards to the mount of Mercury as shown.

A well-marked mercury line indicates the person is a good communicator and has a good understanding of business. It is also known as the health line as it helps to gain insights about the health of the person mainly related to the stomach, liver, or any other health diseases in general.

Mars Line

Mars line in palmistry

Mars line gets spotted on the lower mount of Mars just close to the thumb as shown.

It indicates the person is very passionate, aggressive, and full of stamina and energy. Such kind of line is found in the hands of sportspersons, army officers, martial artists, and athletes.

Wrist line

Bracelets or wrist lines on your palm

Bracelets or wrist lines on your palm are found between the end of the palm and the wrist as shown.

If the bracelets formed are unbroken and clearly formed indicates the bearer is going to have good health in one’s life.

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