Excellent Money Lines And Lucky Wealth Signs In Your Hands?-Part 2

Money lines/Wealth lines on palm

There are some signs in palmistry that make the person quite wealthy and successful in one’s life.

Do you have some of these money lines on your palm?

Forked Headline

forked head line in palmistry

If the branch from the headline is forked and goes to the mount of mercury as shown indicates versatility and a huge amount of money earned by the person.

He or she is very smart, clever, and knows how to grab the right opportunity at the right time.

It is considered a very good sign for making money.

Branch from fate line

branch from the fate line goes to the mount of mercury

If the branch from the fate line goes to the mount of mercury as shown represents outstanding success in the field of science or business.

Such kind of formation is often found in the hands of very successful shrewd businessmen or scientists who become rich and famous by their own efforts.

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Horizontal lines on the thumb

horizontal lines on second phalanx of thumb

Horizontal lines on the second phalanx of the thumb denote a huge accumulation of wealth and materialistic comforts over a period of time.

The person with such lines believes in saving that can be used in the latter part of one’s life or emergencies.

However, the horizontal lines should not be cut by any vertical lines which diminishes its significance and represents obstacles in acquiring the desired success or wealth.

Triangle on fate line

Triangles on the fate line

In general,triangle/s found on any line or mount enhance their quality and power.

Triangles on the fate line as shown indicate wealth earned through investments, real estate, etc, or promotion in one’s job at that particular age.

The bigger the triangle represents the higher the gains in the person’s life.

Point to note: Triangle formed should be well-marked and distinct.

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Lines from the life line

Line from life line to mount of Saturn

A line from the lifeline to the mount of Saturn (position 1) represents an unexpected gain of wealth or land due to the continuous hard work put in by the person.

Similarly, a line from Mount of Venus to Saturn mount (position 2) denotes success and wealth acquired with the help of a spouse or family members.

Mount of Venus is the goddess of love and romance. That’s why the person is able to acquire excellent success with the help of the opposite sex.

Line from mount of Venus to Jupiter mount

Line from the mount of Venus to mount of Jupiter

If the line from the mount of Venus goes all the way towards the Jupiter mount and joins the star formation as shown denotes all the desires in the person’s life will get fulfilled.

Star on the Jupiter mount itself is a powerful sign to achieve a big position and social status in one’s life and if the line from the base of the thumb joins it reinforces the mentioned results.

It is considered a brilliant combination in palmistry.

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