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Detail Palm Analysis of a Stressed person

This is the hand of a person who messaged me on my instagram account and said he was quite stressed in his life.Apparently,he wanted me to look into his hand and provide the solution for the same.

Let’s see some aspects of the hand which are making the person stressed in his life.

Palm Analysis of a stressed person
Original Palm Image

I have marked the various signs and lines on the hand with different colors for clear understanding of the positive and negative aspects on the hand.

Detail Palm Analysis of a stressed person
Original Palm Image with Colored Lines and Signs

Weak and Faint Life line

If you observe closely,you will find the life line is very faint in color(red color);at the same time a supporting life line also known as sister line is found running parallel to the main life line till the age of around 49 or 50.

Although the sister line will protect the person from the major troubles in his life(black color),faint and a weak life line reduces the vitality and makes the person low on the energy levels in general which serves as an open ground for various health diseases in the life.

Influence lines cutting the Life line

Very thin influence lines emerging from the Venus mount which are randomly going anywhere on the palm as marked by the lines in (yellow color)are cutting the weak life line suggests that the person easily gets nervous and anxious in his life.

Chained Heart line

Look at the heart line,you will find lots of chained like structure as marked by the line in (green color) which indicates that the person is inconsistent in the matters of love,relationship, affections or opinions.

One day he would feel highly optimistic,another day completely dejected making the person moody and unpredictable in nature.

Also the downward branches from the heart line as shown by the lines in (green color) suggests constant disappointments in relationship,friendship or even bonding with your family members in the early phase of his life which can lead to stress.

Island under the Apollo/Sun Mount

Islands or chained effect under the mount of Apollo denotes some sort of eye trouble or strain on the person’s heart which usually takes a toll on the person’s health.

High Set thumb

The person has got a high set thumb as shown(violet color) which makes him quite stubborn at times which is not a bad sign if the person manages to focus on the right things in the life.

The lack of willpower and forcefulness in the character makes it difficult for the person to cope up with severe stress and come out of it.

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Middle Finger(Saturn Finger) is bend

On the Jupiter mount,sympathy lines also known as Ring of Solomon(white color) are found which makes the person quite good in empathizing with others and understanding other people mind and emotions easily.In addition,the Saturn finger is bending towards the Apollo finger denotes the person is clever who loves helping others and making friendships without expecting anything in return.

My advice to the person will be:Don’t sympathize with each and every person around him to the extend of being foolish as these actions will create lots of expectation from others,if not fulfilled will create frustrations in the person’s life which will be reflected as stress lines on the mount of Venus(blue color)

Long Mercury finger and branch from Sun line

On the sun mount,one of the branch from the sun line is going towards the mount of mercury;also tiny upward branches are emerging from the head line as well as fate line(light blue color) represents that person has the strong potential to excel in the field which requires technical,communication or business skills.

This point is reinforced by the long mercury finger which is evenly set and exceeds the first joint of the Apollo finger as marked (dark red color) which indicates the person is gifted with the Mercurian traits of making money using one’s communication and business skills.

Knotty Fingers

Knotty finger (at the second joint along with the thumb) makes the person very analytical,logical, organized in one’s day to day activities.

The person has the ability to look at both the sides before jumping to the conclusion or making an impulsive decision in his life.

Fate line from Mount of Moon

The person is bound to get help from others in his life as the fate line emerges from the mount of moon(dark blue color) which is considered as a good sign. However,the results might come a bit late as it is not exactly originating from the mount of moon.

I also see major career changes at the age of around 26 or 27 as the fate line breaks at this particular age and a new faint fate emerges and again gets stopped at the headline which is not a considered a good sign.

Please remember,since the person is young the lines are subject to change (easily) if he decides to channelize his energy in the right direction and use the positive aforementioned aspects on the hand to achieve the success in his life.

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