What Are Stress Lines In Palmistry And Where They Are Located?

Stress lines in palmistry
palm reading of a stressed person

This is the hand of a person who consulted me on my Instagram and told me he was quite stressed in his life. Apparently, he wanted me to look into his hand.

Let’s see some aspects of his hand which are making him quite stressed and anxious.

Faint Lifeline

faint life line palmistry

If you observe closely, there is a presence of a very faint lifeline. At the same time, a supporting lifeline also known as a sister line in palmistry is found running parallel to the main lifeline till the age of around 49 or 50.

Although the sister line will protect the person from major troubles in his life, a weak lifeline reduces vitality and reduces energy levels to a significant degree and acts as an open ground for various health diseases.

Influence lines cutting the Lifeline

lines cutting life line

Random thin lines from the Venus mount are cutting the weak lifeline denoting he easily gets nervous and anxious over small things.

Chained Heart line on palm

Chained heart line

Look at the heart line, it is chained like islands are connected to each other indicating he is inconsistent in matters of love, relationship, affection, or opinions.

One day he would feel highly optimistic while on another day completely dejected. That makes him moody and unpredictable in nature.

Moreover, downward branches from the heart line denote constant disappointments in a relationship, friendship or even bonding with family members which contributes to stress.

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Island under the mount of Sun

The island on the heart line under the mount of Sun suggests he might face some trouble in his eyesight or weakness in the heart.

High Set thumb

high set thumb palmistry

High set thumb makes him quite stubborn at times not necessarily a bad sign if he manages to focus with the help of meditation.

The lack of willpower and forcefulness in the character suggests it would be an uphill task for him to deal with severe stress and come out of it.

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Middle Finger is bent

middle finger is bent

On the Jupiter mount, sympathy lines are found that suggests he is quite sensitive, empathizing with others, and good at understanding other people’s mind and emotions.

In addition, Saturn’s finger bent towards Apollo’s finger represents he is clever loves helping others, and makes friendships without any expectations in return. It also suggests depressive tendencies.

He is advised not to sympathize with each and every individual around him to the extent of being foolish as these actions will create a lot of expectations from others; if not fulfilled, it will amplify his frustrations which is also getting reflected as stress lines on the mount of Venus.

The branch of Sun line goes to mercury mount

branch of sun line goes to mount of mercury

On the sun mount, a branch of the sun line goes to the mercury mount. Also, tiny upward branches emerging from the headline as well as the fate line as shown represents he has a strong potential to excel in the scientific, research, and communication-related area.

Long mercury finger is evenly set and exceeds the first joint of the Apollo’s finger accentuating this trait, and it is a certain indication that he is gifted with money-making abilities associated with the planet mercury.

Knotty Fingers

The knotty finger makes him analytical, logical and organized in his day-to-day activities.

He has the ability to look at things from multiple angles before making any firm decisions in his life.

Fate line from Luna mount

fate line from mount of Luna

He is bound to receive help from others as the fate line is starting from the mount of Luna. However, he will struggle in the initial phase due to the missing Saturn line.

I also see major career change at the age of around 34 as the fate line breaks at this particular age, and a new faint fate line emerges and gets stopped at the headline. It is not considered as a good sign

Point to note: He is quite young and lines are subject to change quite frequently if he decides to channel his energy in the right direction and make use of the aforementioned information to improve his life.

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