How Many Children/Kids Will You Have?(Children Lines)-Palmistry

children lines in palmistry
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Children lines is one of the most controversial topics in the palmistry.

These lines are found in the hands of prostitutes,porn stars,unmarried men and women and those who have undergone fertility treatments.

Large family children lines palmistry
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In the traditional era,relationships were quite strong and birth control was not practiced hence the formation of a large family.

With the growing use of contraceptives,these lines only indicate potential chances of having a child or the person is just fond of children.

Hook up Culture/One Night Stand

Hook up culture/tinder

Additionally,in the city or country where the hook up culture is rampant (primarily among millennial using tinder,bumble happn etc) and the relationships are quite fragile;these lines does not hold any significance as the chances of developing an emotional bond are very less.

How can anyone predict the number of children in such scienario?

It is only when the relationship is strong with the well developed mount of Venus interpretations are given which may or may not turn out to be true.

Let’s see the different interpretations of the children lines found on the person’s hand.

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1)Male and Female Childline

Palmistry male childline/Palmistry female childline

Children lines are the vertical lines found just above the affection line also known as marriage line.

When the lines are thick and deep indicates the potential male child.Narrow lines or lines that are inclined are considered to be of female child.

Miscarriages and abortions can also be interpreted from these lines.

2)Island on the Children line

Island on the children line

An island on the children lines suggests delicate health of the child at the time of birth.

3)Star and Black dot

Star/black dot on the children line

A star or black spot on the children lines represents similar kind of trouble as mentioned above (island) or death of a child.

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4)Twins line

twins in palmistry

When two lines join together and continues as a single line indicates potential twins.

5)Many lines above marriage line

Many lines above marriage line

If too many lines are formed in this area suggests that the person is just fond of children.

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