How Many Children or Kids Will You Have? Children Lines In Palmistry

children lines in palmistry

Children lines is one of the most difficult and controversial topics in the palmistry.

These lines are found on the hands of prostitutes, p*rn stars, unmarried men and women, and those who have undergone fertility treatments.

Kid lines on palm

Large family children lines palmistry
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In the traditional era, relationships were relatively quite strong as compared to today’s time, and birth control was not practiced. Hence the formation of a large family.

With the growing use of contraceptives, these lines represents potential chances of having a child, or he or she is just fond of children.

Hookup Culture/One Night Stand

Hook up culture/tinder

Additionally, in the city or country where hookup apps such as tinder, bumble are extremely popular, hookup culture is rampant and the relationships are quite fragile, these lines does not hold any significance as the chance of developing an emotional bond is very less.

Let’s look at another example: China’s former one child policy, introduced in 1979 and ended on Oct.29,2015,that allows the couple to have two children now.

It was solely revamped because of aging population and gender imbalance.

How can anyone predict the number of children in either scenario?

It is imperative to understand that culture and macroeconomic factors of a country, mentality of a person, openness to experience, strong relationship, personality traits along with the condition of Venus mount are studied to reach a conclusion in palmistry.

Let’s see the different types of child lines in palm reading.

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Male and Female Child line

Palmistry male childline/Palmistry female childline

Children lines in palmistry are the vertical lines found just above the affection line also known as marriage line.

If the lines are thick and deep represents male child line in palmistry and potential male child.

Likewise, narrow faint lines or lines that are inclined  as shown are considered to be of a female child.

Miscarriages and abortions can also be interpreted from these lines. Sometimes, these lines are so faint that it can only be detected with the help of magnifying glass.

Child line in woman hand

Children lines in palmistry

Furthermore, these lines are found be more accurate and visible on a women’s hand as compared to men. The simple reason is women gives birth to a baby.

However, when children lines on palm are more pronounced on a man’s hand, it indicates he just loves to be around kids and represents his genuine sympathetic and inspiring nature towards them.

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Island on the Children line

Island on the children line

An island on the children line/s suggests delicate health of a child at the time of birth.

Precautions must be taken during the early phase so that unforeseen incidents can be averted.

If the line is clear after the island indicates critical period has passed, and good health of a child.

Star and Black dot

Star or black dot on the children line

A star or black spot on the children line represents similar kind of trouble as that of an island, or death of a child.

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Twins child line

twin child lines in palmistry

When two lines meet at a point, and continues as a single line as shown denotes potential twins and twin line in palmistry.

Many lines above marriage line

Many lines above marriage line

If too many vertical lines are present above the marriage line suggests that he or she is just fond of children.

However, if one clear line stands out from 3 or 4 faint lines indicates that one kid will be more close to the parents than others.

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