The Life Line Tells A Lot About Your Personality And Health-Palmistry

Life line in palmistry/Life line palm reading

Life line starts just above the base of the thumb and encircles the Venus mount.

Life line indicates the physical energy and vitality,resistance to diseases and accidents, enthusiasm and major event happenings in the person’s life.

1)Curved Life Line

Curved Life line in palmistry

If the life line is deep,thin and takes a curve at the end as shown suggests that the person is full of energy,enthusiastic,resilient to diseases and leads a luxurious life(provided there are no defects on the mount of Venus).

2)Life Line starting from Jupiter mount

life line starting from Jupiter mount

If the life line starts from the mount of Jupiter indicates life full of ambitions, wealth and fame.

3)Thickness of Life line

Life line is thick and dark

If the life line is thick and dark indicates the person will be good in the sports or physical labor.

If the color of the line is red indicates the person is impulsive and violent in nature.In such case, the person won’t be able to achieve significant success in one’s life.

4)An island on the Life line

An island on the life line

If an island appears on the life line indicates some sort of accident, health issue ,an injury or emotional disturbances in the person’s life at that particular age.

Always cross check with the line of mercury also known as health line to ascertain the reason behind those troubles.

Bigger the island denotes greater the intensity of the attack in the person’s life.

5)Life Line close to thumb

Life line close to thumb

If the life line runs close to the thumb represents the person lacks sexual desire towards opposite sex as the mount of Venus becomes smaller in size.

The person will be insensitive and harsh in day to day activities.

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6)Chained Life line and head line

Chained life line and head line

If the life line and the head line is chained only at the beginning of the hand indicates that the initial period of the person’s life was quite a struggle either emotionally or physically.

7)Chained Life line

Chained life line

If the entire life line is chained represents the person will suffer from constant health issues. Digestive and immune system of such person is weak.

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8)Sister Life line

Sister life line/Influence line

If the line runs parallel to the life line it acts as a protection from external forces and strengthens the life line.

This line is known as the sister life line or influence line because it also indicates good marriage because of the support of spouse throughout life.

10)Lines cutting Life line

Lines Cutting the life line

If the small lines are cuts the life line without meeting either the head line or heart line indicates continuous troubles or nervous nature of the person.

Intensity and nature of the cut decides the seriousness of trouble.

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