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vertical nail ridges

Stress causes

1) Depression

2) Anxiety

3) Mood Swings

4) Social Withdrawal

5) Distrust in others

6) Wandering

7) Irritability and aggressiveness

8) Loss of inhibitions, delusions, and various other feelings and emotions gets generated in his or her life over time which creates stress on the body, mind, and behavior.

Brain and Stress

brain and stress

Constant stress experienced over an extended duration can damage the brain structure. It disturbs the neural network of the brain which consists of interconnected neurons that supply electrical signals to the different regions of the brain.

neural network brain

Due to the change in this network, our brain starts responding to situations differently which creates problems such as anxiety, loss of concentration, poor decision-making, etc., and affects the overall health of an individual.

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Causes of vertical ridges in fingernails

It is a common misconception that vertical ridges on nails appear due to old age. While reading palms, I have seen the hands of 13-15 years old who developed these longitudinal ridges on their nails. When consulted with the doctor, reports indicated no signs of nutritional deficiency. 

Do vertical ridges go away?

Very light vertical lines on nails are harmless and can be quickly reversed back to normal smooth nails through meditation, and taking proper vitamins or mineral supplements. It is a temporary condition.

An extreme traumatic event, overactive thyroid, diabetes, fibromyalgia, inflammation, anemia, and arthritis are some of the other causes I found why vertical lines on nails start appearing all of a sudden in my readings.

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Vertical Nail Ridges

vertical nail ridges

Nails carry great nerve centers under them, and they are among the first ones to get affected whenever something is wrong within the body because they are extremely sensitive.

That is the reason why nails are a reflection of the health and personality of a person.

If the nails are pink in color, and the texture is smooth represents the nervous system is working in good condition.

Vertical lines on fingernails start to appear from the top to the cuticle also known as ridges (left-hand image) if the nervous system is overburdened. This gives a clue to the person that he or she is thinking too much causing stress on the brain.

If these ridges take the form of flutes as shown (right-hand image), it indicates a serious nervous disorder and underlying health problem where the nervous tension and stress are taking a toll on the person’s health. Not surprisingly, they are also known as stress lines on nails.

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