Exceptional Luck,Money And Success After Marriage In Your Hands?-Palmistry

exceptional luck and success after marriage palmistry

 Sometimes the planetary positions changes when the positive influence enters into the life and makes a remarkable difference on the emotional and mental intelligence of the person.

Planetary Positions

planetary positions in palmistry

It should not be in any way foolishly presumed that the person lacks talent before the marriage or any relationship in general.

The strong luck factor from the opposite sex bestows the person with ample opportunities.After all,it is the opportunities at the right time at the right place that matters the most.

In this regard,let’s see some of the exceptional lucky signs that really benefits the person after marriage.

Sun line emerges from line joining Fate line

sun line emerges from the line joining the fate line

If a clear and distinct line from the mount of moon joins the fate line and the sun line emerges from this line and goes all the way towards the sun mount represents the person will be lucky in getting the desired fame,money and peace of mind after marriage.

Always cross check with the influence line found inside the mount of Venus to know the exact timing of the relationship.

Please remember that the Jupiter mount should be well developed and the density of the above lines should be same to get the desired results.

Branch from marriage line

branch from marriage line to sun mount

If a branch from the affection line also known as marriage line reaches to the mount of sun and the heart line starts between the Jupiter and Saturn mount,takes a nice curve without any defects along with the developed mount of Venus denotes excellent success and luck after marriage.

Point to note,the branch should not cut the sun line present on the sun mount.

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Fate line goes to Jupiter mount

fate line goes to Jupiter mount with star

If the fate line takes a curve towards the Jupiter mount along with the star formation represents not only spectacular career and big position in one’s life but also a brilliant luck after marriage.

Such person often marries a man or a woman who is quite famous and well respected in the society.

Fate line from mount of Moon to Saturn

fate line from mount of moon to Saturn

If the heart line is curved and throws a branch on the Jupiter mount;at the same time cross also gets formed on the Jupiter mount along with the fate line originating from the mount of moon and goes all the way towards the Saturn mount indicates the person will get constant support and encouragement from the spouse throughout his life.

This reading is found to be accurate time and again because it acts as a catalyst in the person’s career.

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Line from Venus mount joining Fate line

line from Venus mount joining the fate line

If the branch from the affection line ends in a star on the sun mount or sun line;at the same time line from the mount of Venus merges with the fate line denotes brilliant marriage or union.

It not only assists the person in one’s career but also brings lots of fame and reputation in his or her life.

In rare case,this combination can also be interpreted as someone very close to the person, perhaps family members or relatives has a solid impact on his emotions and thought process.

These are some of the uncommon signs which will bring spectacular success after marriage.

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