Do You Have These Horizontal Ridges(Lines) On Your Nails?-Palmistry

Horizontal Ridges on nails

       Horizontal ridges are the depressions or grooves formed on the nail plate and runs crosswise across the fingernail.

Beau's lines on nails

Horizontal ridges are also known as Beau’s lines which is named after the French Physician Joseph Beau who discovered these lines in the year 1846.

Horizontal lines on fingernails

horizontal lines on fingernails

Horizontal lines on fingernails reflects accident,trauma,serious illness and emotional or mental shock faced by the person that results into the damage of nail matrix.

It takes about 6 months to grow a nail and hence it is easy to determine the timing of the past events just by looking at the different positions of horizontal ridges.

In this case(left image),the person must have faced a nervous shock or serious disease due to the formation of big indentation approximately 3 months back.

Similarly,you can see a faint horizontal ridge formed approximately one and a half month;and finally another crosswise ridge is getting disappear as the nail is about to complete its natural growth cycle which is almost like 6 months.

If the new nail is abnormal and badly fluted,indicates that the trouble is still there and the person should be advised to relax.In this way,you can time the past stressful events in the person’s life.

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Multiple horizontal lines on nails

Sometimes,multiple horizontal ridges(lines) as shown (right image) gets formed across the nail plate which suggests that person must have experienced continuous nervous shock during the past 6 months.

It is often found in the hands of patients suffering from cancer and recently undergone chemotherapy.

Causes of horizontal ridges on nails

1)Malnutrition and vitamin deficiency of B 12 ,Zinc and proteins.

2)Coronary thrombosis,thyroid and kidney related issues.

3)Skin diseases.

4)In rare cases,infections and physical accident can also result into the horizontal ridges on nails.

The exact cause can only be ascertained by consulting a doctor.

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  1. I need to know the same thing. Mine are just on my thumb nails and I’ve had them now for a couple of years. The dermatologist asked me if I had trauma, I asked “to both thumb nails??? Ugh!

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