Rare Money Lines/Wealth Signs On Your Palm?-Part 3

Money Lines/Wealth signs in palmistry
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There are some signs or money lines on the palm which makes the person very successful and wealthy in one’s life.

Let’s see the different combination of money lines which can be found on the bearer’s hand.

1)Fate line towards Jupiter

Fate line towards Jupiter mount

If the fate line running straight to the mount of Saturn suddenly moves towards Jupiter mount as shown indicates the bearer will achieve outstanding success and wealth in his or her life.

Fate line curving towards the mount of Jupiter indicates the person has got great ambitions in one’s life and these ambitions will keep on motivating the person to move higher and higher in one’s career no matter how challenging the path is.

It also sometimes indicates the person will be lucky in the matters of love and relationship.

2)Branch from Sun line to Mercury mount

Branch from Sun line to mount of mercury

Single vertical line on the mount of Mercury indicates sudden unexpected financial gains.

If the branch from the Sun line joins the line on the mount of mercury represents that the bearer will earn reputation and fame from this unexpected huge amount of money earned.

3)Lottery Triangle

Lottery triangle in palmistry

Triangle formed at the beginning between the life line and the head line as shown is known as a lottery triangle.Such kind of formation is considered as a very lucky sign to have on the hand as the person  keeps on getting easy money either in the form of lottery,gambling or any other form.

Bigger the triangle,bigger will be the monetary gains in the bearer’s life.

Remember guys,triangle formed should be distinct and well marked.

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4)Branch from Fate line

Branch from fate line to the mount of mercury

If the fate line ends under the mount of Jupiter and another branch from the fate line goes to the mount of mercury is a clear indication of extraordinary success and wealth in a person’s life.

The person takes the leadership qualities from the mount of Jupiter and business and communication skills from the mount of mercury making him or her very successful in making money either in business or one’s career.

5)Triangles on Heart line

Triangles on heart line/Upward branches on heart line

Triangles on the heart line or upward branches from the heart line as shown indicates good amount of money earned and retained by the person.Timing of the money earned can be traced with the timings on the heart line.

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6)Line connecting Heart line and Head line

Sun line emerging from Line connecting heart line and the head line

If the line connects the heart line and the head line and from this line Sun line emerges which goes straight to the mount of Sun as shown indicates the person will achieve fame and wealth at the cost of anything that comes his or her way.

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